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Oh, wow! Super duper traffic jam at USJ

Finally nearing home but there is a case of so near yet so far! Upon exit of USJ toll found that there a super duper traffic jam. Now the traffic is unmoving and i could write a little blog about it on my little Android phone. Just texted my wife and she asked me to sing along with the music in the car. Well looks like a long, long wait.

It is fortunate I'm alone and not with visitors as I could blast away the music. Visitors from the far east tend to be stiff necks and don't like their employees mixing work with pleasure. However they do practice double standards like they can play golf but use up your personal time to ferry them around. Sigh!

Them the breaks when you work for others. It is after all their rule or else go find another place to get your pay.

Anyway, today is Friday so traffic is very likely to be extreme. Coupled with a slight drizzle meaning the traffic cops may not be around to help direct the traffic and ease the congestion. Won't know if there is one till i reach the traffic light junction.

Almost reaching tthe end of my post and the traffic is still unmoving, just have to sit tight...

Enough is enough! I see many cars escaping this hell of a traffic congestion by making a u-turn through a gap in the road divider. I decided to do the same. I've been stuck here for 50 minutes and if I don't follow suite I'll probably be stuck here for another 50 minutes!

The U-turn leads me back to the Elite highway. Heading back to KLIA direction I will exit at the Putra Heights toll exit. The toll rate was RM1.10, rather steep for a short trip but better than sitting fuming at the traffic jam wasting time. The route from Putra Heights is big round trip round the hill of Putra Heights and leads back to the Puchong - Shah Alam Hicom road. From there it actually joins back to that frustration traffic light junction from the USJ toll exit. Before that junction I could turn to the USJ road that leads back to the USJ housing area. It may be a longer route but absolutely much faster!

All it took me was about 10 minutes drive rather than waiting and fuming at that ill conceive traffic light junction which might take me another 50 minutes of waiting time. I guess Malaysia is like that. Talk about poor town planning as well as bad road design.

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