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Streamyx is kinda slow today

Streamyx is kinda slow again. Heard that an undersea cable was damaged. Seems like natural disasters are creating a bit of a havoc to the modern digital life of today. Our reliance on electronics to get us by can so easily be thwarted by natural phenomena like earthquake, volcanoes, solar flares, that surely makes our life pretty precarious indeed.

it is indeed unberably slow. trying to post anything takes ages! heard that the cable will be fixed by 2/may/2010. although streamyx reroute the data connection, the connection is just way below par!

Italian set lunch

Been planning to try this italian restaurant called Olive in taman tun dr ismail (TTDI). They have set lunches and looks very affordable. Decided to give it try. Taste was good. I tried the spaghetti aglio olio with skewer chicken. A bit dry on the spaghetti but otherwise it was acceptable for the price paid.


Mid age caching up. Presbyria is rather irritating. May have to get a new pair of glasses to correct it. trying to reduce or arrest the onset of old age eyes. Perhaps the use of presbyria reducing chart may help.

Stuck at customer's place

Oh dear! It's raining cats and dogs! Just have to wait it out. Heavy rain in Malaysia blows itself roughly in about 1/2 hour. Just have to wait. Otherwise I'll get really wet even with an umbrella. That's how the weather in Malaysia works.

Nonwoven fabric

Nonwoven fabric has such a wide usage. Eversince go into PP type the biz opportunity is so much greater. However the biz inquiry is not so big. But Rome was not built in a day. Unfortunately the powers to be is not so keen on picking up small quantity business. There may be a point there but you can't always be that picky. Beggers can't be choosers and you just have to take things as it goes along. So have to how it plays out.

Busy day

Days are getting busy. I've been thinking of reshuffling my blog, so far I didn't have the time to contemplate how to redo it. The main lifeblog page will still remain. As for the google blogger I'm thinking of making it into my mobile blogpost. Vox was good in that they provided a software for my palm but suffers in terms of website traffic. So might be better if I just switch over to blogger. It may be less easier but at least it will have better exposure.

Blogging on the go

Panasonic water filter box picture. Reminds me to buy the filter cartridge. Time to change it!

All the while I've been using vox for blogging on the go. Sure that app is pretty convenient. They provided a nice app for palm centro users. I was thinking if I were to switch mobile in future like the android enabled phones then I won't have the vox app anymore so I decided to explore the post via email method. One for my wordpress and also for my blogger. Let's see how each of these fare in the post via email department.

Oh, ya, the photo got nothing to do with the post. Just testing to see how the attachment will end up looking when posted online. And it works just fine from what I see here. So here's to more blogging in the future. If I'm going to use this blog more from my mobile, I think I should change the title of this subdomain to something else.

Perhaps it is about time for some makeover to my overall personal blog website.