Day almost end

Sun is setting and the weather is a bit cooler now that the rain has stop. It's been a busy day and now we have to collect a cake for mom's birthday. Before collecting the cake myw ife wanted to make a quick stop at AA pharmacy to buy some milk for her dad. Lucky Gardens of Bangsar is quite a busy place and I couldn't get parking space. So I have to wait for her in the car while get the necessaries.

Kinda knock out a bit but my weekends can be very busy. still got tonite's dinner togo then all will be done and hopefully can get some rest.

Busy day

Looks like today will be busy day for me. Would have like to snooze a little longer but we have a doctor baby checkup appointment. The queue is long as usual.

after this my next stop would be getting my wife's car tire patch up. Don't know how she got a flat. She sais this was like the fourth time the rear tire got a puncture. I guess there must be a lot of construction works going on near her work place. Nails tend spill out on the road side.

Next was to get my two new pair of spectacles. Hopefully the pairs would help alleviate my presbyria somewhat. It seems my eye power was change apart from the issue of presbyria.

In the afternoon I will have praise worship practice. And later tonight celebrating my mom birthday with family members.

This is going to be a long busy day!

Baby check

It's that time of the week for pre delivery baby check. Another 2-3 weeks to go till baby is due. As usual the queue is long. Since we have time to spare may as well have a little breakfast.

The cafe at the hospital do make a nice coffee though the breakfast meal is rather simple. Anything to make my tummy from growling.

My wife managed to grab a couple of free MacDonald breakfast coupons but we are nowhere near an outlet. Perhaps another day. Have to use it quick before it expires though!

La La Chong Seafood Restaurant Kayu Ara Damansara

Apparently there are two La La Chong restaurant, one in Ara Damansara Subang and one in Kayu Ara Damansara. The location names are almost similar and can be easily confused. The one we are having dinner tonight is located at Kayu Ara Damansara.

and their specialty? La la of course! Apart from their famous clams is their selection of seafood dishes.

La La Chong Seafood Restaurant
Lot 13556 Jalan Cempaka
Kayu Ara Damansara
47400 Petaling Jaya
tel: 03-7728 1906


Here's another interesting social website - Tumblr. Learned about from webproworld. It seems to be catching up on its popularity. Since it is free I just sign up and have a go. As a social blogging platform I think it is much better than Vox. And you can use a Android app for mobile blogging on the go too. in addition you can plug in your subdomain to give your website better standing in SERP. I'm going to explore this Tumblr blog app and see its feature for awhile.

Desa Park City

Our cousin was going to give a baby car seat to us. They live in Desa Park City, an upmarket residence in Petaling Jaya. Since they're still not home yet when we arrived, we have a look see around Desa Park City.

Being upmarket, Desa Park City has a very modern architecture and felt much like western city suburbs. It has a very calming effect and the neighbourhood feels very safe.

Of course such luxury comes with a price tag. I think I won't be able to get an address here given the income I'm earning. As a place for investment it is probably out of my league. Guess I have to look around for property investment that is within my means.

Desa Park City is a nice, upmarket residence.

Weather is so hot!

The El Nino is making the weather in Malaysia here so hot. And my wife is taking a long time to nake an exchage for something she bought for the soon to come baby. I really needed to get away from this heat. The babyland aircon isn't very cool and the McDonald across the shop hasn't got an efficient aircon either. So I decided to pop over to Prince Cafe here located in SS2. I know they have a powerful air conditioning. Ordered myself a cool cold drink to cool myself down. Really needed that!