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Blogging on the go

Panasonic water filter box picture. Reminds me to buy the filter cartridge. Time to change it!

All the while I've been using vox for blogging on the go. Sure that app is pretty convenient. They provided a nice app for palm centro users. I was thinking if I were to switch mobile in future like the android enabled phones then I won't have the vox app anymore so I decided to explore the post via email method. One for my wordpress and also for my blogger. Let's see how each of these fare in the post via email department.

Oh, ya, the photo got nothing to do with the post. Just testing to see how the attachment will end up looking when posted online. And it works just fine from what I see here. So here's to more blogging in the future. If I'm going to use this blog more from my mobile, I think I should change the title of this subdomain to something else.

Perhaps it is about time for some makeover to my overall personal blog website.


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