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Business trip to Muar

It's been a long day travelling down to Muar to visit a supplier. Along the way I hop in to Melaka for some R'n'R to catch a meal and take a break. So looks like this is going to a long day for me coz I'm still sitting in McDonald at Air Keroh having my afternoon break having tried another route from Muar. The usual way to Muar would have been to use the Tangkak entry or the Jasin entry to the North-South Highway. Well it is always good to explore alternative route since I'm not in a rush so looks like I will end up returning home later than expected. Well that's what happens what you try to use a short cut but end taking what you call the scenic route, ie it takes longer then you would thought shorter! No matter I take it as a learning experience especially if I want to learn new routes. Melaka is a little easier to navigate now. Just by following the signage and learning new landmarks. I hope to understand some of the many confusing one way streets. So far only learning how to drive the main popular areas only. I think it should be adequate for now.

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