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Happy Mid Autumn Festival

Happy Mid Autumn Festival!


Today is fifteenth on the Chinese Lunar Calendar. This is when the Chinese celebrate the Mid Autumn Festival with lanterns at night and of course eating mooncakes and such. Just yesterday met up with a client and said today was a big holiday and they would be having an off day and I was scratching my head when I checked the regular calendar and there wasn't a public holiday in Malaysia till he mentioned the Chinese Lunar Calendar. Well not all Chinese celebrate it especially if our Chinese tradition is not well grounded during our school years.


Typically in Malaysia we seem to have two sets of Chinese, one that is brought up with the Chinese tradition and customs and follows them and another group like me who tended to follow the Western culture as our parents were English educated during the British colonial rule and thus the Chinese tradition and customs are less grounded in our background. For us, we seldom follow the Chinese holidays too much except the main ones like Chinese New Year. Others are more like a passing note and celebrated because of media blitz that reminds us of such activities are being done.


My wife side on the other, my mother-in-law is rather more traditional and she would follow the various Chinese celebration based on the Lunar calendar including the birthdays based on the Chinese Lunar calendar! So twice a year they will celebrate their birthday, one for the Western based calendar and one for the Chinese Lunar calendar!

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