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Wordpress installation

Wordpress installation is one of the easiest to do. But it can a little tedious sometimes. So what I usually do is to use the provided installed scripts by th webhosting company. For Bluehost they have Fantastico and Simple Scripts of which the latter is far more superior. For Exabytes which uses the same cPanel interface only provides Fantastico. While IPServerOne which is quite a nice budget webhosting provides the Installaron auto installs.

Of course when choosing a web hosting do try to find one which has auto install scripts. Those scripts sometimes provide interesting software that you would otherwise not be aware of. Like say a forum software instead of using the overly popular phpBB which by the way has a lot of security issues and poor spam buster you might discover other little gems like BBpress and PunBB.

Anyway I needed to reinstall a Wordpress installation for a friend and using the Installaron software provided by IPserverOne makes for a speedy Wordpress installation. Configuration took a little longer but that's a different issue altogether.

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