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Tiring day trip to Ipoh

it was a tiring day trip to Ipoh. one that was necessary as the visitors needed to understand the dire circumstances of the clay factory. The mostly accounting discussion of several hours really bore me to death! I think the driving was less tiring then the meeting. I was glad when it was all over and made our long journey back to Kuala Lumpur.

Interesting point about the discussion was about the Malaysian mining authorities who think that minerals like clay would provide a good royalty value. Do the authorities know that it is such a fine line to keep the mining operation going? They have just took back the competitors land and has started collecting royalty from them thereby increasing the mining and production cost. I wonder how long before their grubby hands will lay on this mining facility that is already in the red. Apart from royalty the mining company also need to pay taxes. That's really extracting their pound of flesh if I might say so.

Anyway this is not so much my concern as my duty was to ferry them around and listen in on their discussion.

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