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What to do?

Sometimes I just don't know what to do. The problem that comes is somewhat beyond my problem solving ability. Especially when it comes to dilemma predicament.

customer A is having a lot of delayed shipment from port congestion in USA. The cargo has been delyed twice and we are not sure if it even left the port from what we can see from the schedule. Weird. What is happening in the USA port?

Customer B don't intend to change product because they need to maintain product appearance but the factory is no longer making the material anymore and has requested them to test the new grade but customer is not evaluating it. Now they are down to one roll. How to help now?

I can only leave it in God's hand because this things are beyond my ability to solve.

=== ===

Meeting was over. The business is over. Customer B has decided to find their own source. There is not much I can do. If I do look for other source the material must have similar appearance. Not so easy to find. And if I do find, what's my company policy to support current supplier even if it doesn't match to customer requirement, if so, the game is over.

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