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Baby Night Two

Everything is going fine although the paedatrician noted that there was some slight jaundice which she considered normal. The liver is still young and was just starting its filtration of the yellow pigment from the blood and will take about a week to function fully.

Anyway its about time for us to check out. So come monday morning we would pack our luggage settle the hospital bill and off we go to my in-laws place.

There are still many things to do and many things to learn. Definately an on the job hands-on training. You can read only so much but in the end you have to do it; practice makes perfect.

The timing of the birth was just perfect timing. Everyone prayed for God's timing and baby came at a time when the delivery fees are still considered weekday rate for a saturday morning. Were it to be past noon and it would be considered double charge. The weekend resting period was good timing too, where friends and family could come and visit coz it was not a working day.

Every timing was just simply superb. Despite some anxious periods everything fit out quite snugly I should say.

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