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How's your walk with God?

So how is your walk with God? Good question. Just attending church and reading the Bible does not answer this question. You need to get personal with Him.

Discover God and get to know Him personally

[update 28/8/2013]
Saw this post and decided to add additional points to it. Must have made this quick post during one of the Church sermons.

Our walk with God is not a straight path. More like wave, somedays we feel good, other days we wonder just where do we stand in relation with God. Our prayers seemed to head nowhere, and yet it has been said, we can't just tell God what to do as that would mean we are the boss! God is the King and He is fully in charge. Our prayers are just petition. Is like the parable of the persistent widow (Luke 18). We need to be persistent with our prayers to bring about change to the evils around us, including ourselves too!

A pastor came some time ago with a strong discerning spirit. Apparently my wife and I need to immerse ourselves to study the Word of God more to fully get know God more. What with all the hectic schedule, one must find time to set aside, even if a short time, to learn a little and keep it in your heart, apply it as best as you can when the situation arises.

Many of the doctrines are very difficult to live accordingly. The bar was raised very high and it is easy to stumble. The door is indeed narrow (Luke 13:22) and many will not get through it. Sometimes I wonder where I stand and whether my faith is sufficient to get me through despite having shallow knowledge of the Bible. Though I take heart that some speakers did give encouragement and discern my worry on this very question!

I know of several church goers including my Pastor who could read through the entire Bible in one year! For me, I'm still struggling to even finish just the New Testament in one year plan. I think I would need a new approach to this procrastination.

Procrastination is certainly an obstacle to knowing God better! An enemy that many of us have to overcome. Not just for reading the Bible but so too in many aspect of our daily living. Putting off to another day for home repairs, work, and various other need-to-do stuffs!

Anyway, more things are needed to do, and more things get piled up every day and we will need to overcome them all, and hopefully with the help God and any Helpers that He sent along.

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