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Traffic jam for no reason

The morning rush hour is rather stressful for me. Probably same for a lot of people too as we need to arrive office before work commence or boss will be cross! No leeway about it. No Malaysian rubber time so to speak as per most appointments in Malaysia.

But what I couldn't comprehend is why does the traffic slows down at a specific point on the road so much that it causes a massive traffic snarl? When I pass by that point on the road I'm scratching my head as I didn't see any accident nor any broken parts strewn on the road to indicate as such and yet there is a strange anomaly in the locality that all cars will slow down to a crawl for no apparent reason. It took me double the time required to clear that stretch and lots of frustration at the stop and go traffic flow.

I just can't believe there stretches of road that are jinx. You can't see anything there and yet the traffic will just slow down to a crawl? I know there are traffic scientist out there using algorhthm to determine the elasticity of traffic flow and what's not coz I read about it in some magazine. This would be an intriguing mystery to solve, yes?

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