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Indonesian Massage

My wife found an Indonesian massage. This lady is good and very affordable and was recommended by friend. After my wife delivered she needed to get back into shape and the use of massage to get her tummy flat was one of the methods.

Since the Indonesian massage was already here may as well employ her services for some massage for me too. I liked this style over that of Thai massage becausethe traditional Indonesian massage goes for ligaments and lymph. Breaking up the crystal blockages of the lymph nodes and ligaments may be very painful however it is most effective. it's something like the chi version of the massage but less severe.

By clearing the blockages your blood will flow better contributing to a faster recovery to your ailment.

In fact whenever she feels lumps (which you would feel it too) whenever she presses on certain parts of to your body she knows you have a certain problem affected by your job or daily routine.

Those lumps are considered blockages in your body and further session will reduce the lumps and that would result in your recovery.

Sure, now my body and my legs are aching from the Indonesian massage session but it feels good because she has cleared the blockages. Good massage are like that. Lousy massage cause your more pain and soreness because they injured your body but a good massage although your body is aching you are actually recovering from your ailment.

That's why I like this Indonesian massage

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CARMEN said...

I am interested to get a massage too. Can refer your indonesion massage lady to me?