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And so it is

And so it is,
sleep beckons and the morrow,
work awaits.

No end to the grind,
for the earth does not yield its harvest willingly

Toil it shall be
wither pleasure be
for the rewards that trickles in

Pray then that fortune comes
but heaven remains silent
for what are we
but mere gnats on the earth

It was once said either you love Thee or mammon
but without the flow of coins
Insolvency ensues

Thus what are we to do?
Seek ye first the kingdom of God,
And all things will be added on to you?

Then why is it not ocurring
That toil cannot bring forth the fortune
For the smooth flow of liquidity?

Why quote Malachi
when it is followed
and yet holes are still found?

So where is the abundance
promised but unseen
for I grow weary of uninspiring toil

To wonder why blessings withheld
For my toil ends up on undeserving charity
Such is my bane that boon eludes me

Enough of sorrows
For tomorrow awaits
For hope and faith be the key to unlocking the floodgates

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