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Running around trying to get it done

Busy! That's how it goes. Time passes quickly when you have many things to do. All have to be done, no point procrastinating about it. The problem is to find the time to squeeze in the job to be done. I could try to prioritize and make list; done that before but don't quite work as it should. At least it gives a sense of direction on what needs to be done.

Hopefully all this running around will end up productive and get that end result which is a done deal and get some income out from it. With the inflation going up and the government taking away the subsidy, the man in the street is going face tougher challenges ahead to put food on the table.

My fellow friend and customer says that well, basically we are running around like a dog in Malaysia, taxes paid mainly by us, and yet we are not made welcome in our country of birth. And not everyone of us could migrate and even if we could, we may not be sure what kind of business we could do in another country to find the income.

We are not appreciated in our contribution to the growth of Malaysia. And it seems to be like that so. Those who talk big, that's all they can do. Like the proverb that says an empty tin can makes the loudest noise. They can't seem to walk the talk, just wagging their tongue and lashing at us poor Chinese. If MCA could do what they ought to be doing rather than tow the line and taking the crumbs Malaysia could reach greater heights rather ending up in a quagmire it is now in.

I don't really want to blog about political matter because of our precarious status. There are worthier champions out there who could do the job much better. I just want to get things done with minimum of fuss and not have to worry too much about the rising cost. To be frank, our real disposable income has been steadily shrinking and that means our purchasing is getting smaller day by day.

Not to mention the education system in Malaysia is becoming poorer and poorer just so to molly coddle the people who can't cope with the studies. I think that is a recipe for disaster. To strengthen your health you got to exercise and not sit around and be a couch potato; so likewise to strengthen your mental faculty you need to challenge it with challenging studies not go backwards and please the people with easy to pass exams. So what if you got so many A's in your exam score because you lowered the standards and thus you are no longer regarded as leading edge let alone cutting edge.

It might be better if you get B's and C's because you have to study hard for it because of a higher standard then to get those A's which is of lower standard and no recognition. Well, people move forward but this country choose to go backwards just so to please the statistic. Sheer folly.

Well I'm resigned to the fact and can only show it during the next GE. For now it is to put food on the table and build up the reserves.

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