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Work permit for maid from vietnam

When it comes to government matters sometimes the job is best done by an agent who knows their way around bureacracy. The agent that we employed was rather eccentric but does get the job done. We wanted a maid to help out in the daily household chores and taking care of baby. Then there is the need to send baby over to USJ house for my mom-in-law to look after the child. My felt her mom needed a helper so we found a potential candidate maid from Vietnam. The maid's sister was already here working for my wife's friend household. Seems like the maid sister needed a job and we have a vacancy to fill. But the process of work permit application has been a long and winding road. Hopefully with the help of our eccentric agent man we should have our work permit in order to her in and get started as soon as possible. My wife fiery character to get things done asap is not one who could really stand the agent man rather soft approach. Haha, I do meet a lot interesting colourful people
along the way in life some good and some less but this is life, eh?

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