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Seniors should keep healthy both physically and mentally

Seniors should keep themselves occupied or their cognitive function goes downhill. My dad-in-law if you compare with other seniors of the same age range should be, well, mentally good. Unfortunately his lack of keeping himself healthy is bringing about poor cognitive function. His comprehension is going downhill so much sometimes you wonder what to do with him.

His stubborness in refusal to maintain healthy lifestyle has resulted in very poor cognitive ability.

Like, in the bath, he kept putting water in the body wash container so much that the entire bottle is so diluted that he may as well just bath with water.

The other day when he was in my house he thought he was in his house and wanted to drive his car into the car porch.

And speaking about cars, his driving judgement is rather poor and you can see all the scratches on the four corners which he whole heartedly proclaim that other people did it to his car!

Well, the doctors says there is 2 ways to about this. Control him and try to force him to maintain a healthier lifestyle which would make him unhappy or allow him to do what he pleases so he would be happy but his physical and mental condition will continue to deteriorate at a pace greater than those who are of his age.

This is sort of like a catch 22 situation but guess there is no good option about. Thus a senior who is serious about health should do the necessary to keep both physical and mental health in order to maintain good lifestyle and also help avoid causing people around to him to be exaperated.

Android 2.1 for Sony Ericcson Xperia X10

Finally saw the new working version of Android 2.1 for Sony Ericcson Xperia X10 on my brother-in-law's phone. He bought it for his wife to replace her old phone. The size is nice for her but she need to get use to the touch screen though.

Anyway, I wanted what were the major difference with the current Android 1.6 version of my Xperia X10 mini pro. From what I could, is mostly cosmetic wise as the usage is still the same basically with all the same function. However I'm still considering it,as some software that I have runs only in Android version 1.6. So I'll just have to think about it.

Finally updated my Sony Ericcson Android version to 2.1. It works much better now though the version is still behind 2.3 versions flying around in the market. However for the SMS text message, I'm not able to forward them. The message software will crash. The workaround way would be to copy and paste to a new message. Probably a bug in the software. Otherwise, overall the new updated version functions pretty well.

Meeting with a friend from Sabah

It's been years since we met last in Sabah. Back then my church organized a mission trip to Sabah. Since he and a several pastor came over to KL for some kind Bible study. And today is Thaipusam, so it is a good opportunity to meet up and catch up with time.

Now with baby tagging along I found that my timing is totally off whenever we want to out to meet up with friends and any family gathering for that matter.

In Malaysia we have what we call rubber time where people didn't arrive on time. Now I have to add another called baby time because time now evolve around baby preparation and other need to do things for baby. Haha!

And we have a friend who went through the process understood it entirely! I suppose if give priority for baby on the need to do things like bath, diaper change, feeding, sleeping, etc our timing just goes whack!

Fortunately ouir meeting was delayed, I suppose being a public holiday Malaysian no. 1 past time is cramming themselves for some kuala lumpur shopping! It is going to be difficult to find a parking space! Hope the security guard would be kind enough to let us park at the disabled space like last time. Will see!

I'm tired! Time to retire for the night

I'm dead tired and need to get some sleep! Especially since the night before and uneven sleep. Coupled with long journey, a good night's rest is a must! With the pitter-patter raindrops I should be getting some good shut eye tonight I hope!

New start for a new year

Well the super long weekend was a nice touch with current presiding PM giving us a free day off on 31st Dec. I was on leave on the 30th and was planning to go back to work on the 31st. So I had a nice long super weekend.

I didn't plan for any holiday trip around Malaysia though. Not with baby around. Besides he seemed to have caught a mild flu and what sounded like a nasty, chesty, wheezy cough. Must really take care of that to avoid developing to asthma. At this young age, illnesses are amplified against them. So by the grace of God he shall be stronger! Amen.

I, myself have an ailment, my elbow pain, otherwise known as tendinitis or the common name, tennis elbow seemed to have gotten poorer. I thought it was recovering by taking voltaren, apparently it was not.

So for a New Year start, I called up my regular indonesian massage lady for a good rub down on my entire body as well a little more for my elbow pain. It was long overdue. She had been very busy lately with many clients calling for her services so she didn't chase me for any business. Still she was glad to come over for a massage job.

And where there is good massage other family members tend to join in, and so my elder brother-in-law and his wife 'tumpang' along!

;-) haha

Although my body was a trifle sore, but it was good. Really relaxed my entire body. Though my elbow tendinitis will require more work to get it 'repaired' as my wife puts it!

Also spend some time rerouting my social websites to make a more understandable flow of pinging out. It looks simple if you look at my flowchart but it takes some though and the better part of 2 days to get it to work mostly. Still got more cleanup to do so will just leave that till another time. Hope that will help out to gain some website prominance for my various website.

For now it is nice to see baby sleeping and so I shall retire for the night too.

Here's to counting sheep...
Yume mitai ne

Turned down an ad offer

Although it is good to get some extra pocket money from my personal blog, however sometimes I will have to turn down offers for ad placement on my website. Personal blogs may be as good when it comes to adsense income, but one should not be so desperate as to accept any offer for ad placement if the terms are unfavorable.

I have received some good ones and acceptable ones, but the most recent on the offer was just pushing beyond any sanity.

The requested offer was for several links sitewide and lifetime. I think that is asking for the moon and the stars!. Most ad links are usually one or two links on one page for one year. The payout wasn't very great either, I could have just done it, pocketed the dough for Christmas and that be the end of it. But I decided I didn't want to spoil the market.

Besides I would lose out in the long run, 5 links for lifetime would mean losing my Google PR juice from every web page of mine for such a small return.

No way hosay! Bad SEO I would say. The extra doough is nice but I'm not that desperate. I would prefer a long term partnership than a small short term returns with a long term loss.

Sure my personal blog may not have so good website traffic, what else do you think it would be? It is after all a personal blog with random ramblings with more misses than hits on topic wise. Most personal blogs do not have good website traffic. If I do focus and narrow down my topic focus I'm sure I will get better website traffic, alas this personal blogs is for my random writings that don't fit to my other websites.

Anyway, I have my reasons to accept or reject an ad placement offer. So if you guys out there are finding it difficult to earn from your blog and desperate enough, these people may come around and well, up it is up to you to take up their lopsided offer.

Back to Maxis again

Went back to Maxis again, this time with the necessay forms signed by MD. Hopefully will be able to smoothly apply for iPhone 4 for boss. Corporate account application is rather more complicted than personal application in that you will need letter of authorisation, copy of boss ID, Maxis forms signed by MD, etc. I suppose it is to prevent any hanky-panky but does make for a tedious application.

If for individual it is straight forward, but unlike for corporate, for an individual to get the iPhone is on a first come first serve basis, so it will very much depend on your luck whether there are any iPhone 4 stock available when you attempt to apply for it on that day. No resevation is allowed unfortunately.

For corporate, just submit the relevent forms, and wait for the stock to be ready and you would be able to get it, though not on the day you apply, but you wouild get it within a fortnight I was told.

So now here I am waiting for my turn, muzzling a cup of hot San Francisco cappucino which is getting cold as I waited for my number to show up on the display for my turn on the customer service desk to do my thing.

This is going to be a long wait. That's the way it is in Malaysia even for a private telco. Always waiting, waiting and waiting to get things done because of the long queue.