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Meeting with a friend from Sabah

It's been years since we met last in Sabah. Back then my church organized a mission trip to Sabah. Since he and a several pastor came over to KL for some kind Bible study. And today is Thaipusam, so it is a good opportunity to meet up and catch up with time.

Now with baby tagging along I found that my timing is totally off whenever we want to out to meet up with friends and any family gathering for that matter.

In Malaysia we have what we call rubber time where people didn't arrive on time. Now I have to add another called baby time because time now evolve around baby preparation and other need to do things for baby. Haha!

And we have a friend who went through the process understood it entirely! I suppose if give priority for baby on the need to do things like bath, diaper change, feeding, sleeping, etc our timing just goes whack!

Fortunately ouir meeting was delayed, I suppose being a public holiday Malaysian no. 1 past time is cramming themselves for some kuala lumpur shopping! It is going to be difficult to find a parking space! Hope the security guard would be kind enough to let us park at the disabled space like last time. Will see!

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