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New start for a new year

Well the super long weekend was a nice touch with current presiding PM giving us a free day off on 31st Dec. I was on leave on the 30th and was planning to go back to work on the 31st. So I had a nice long super weekend.

I didn't plan for any holiday trip around Malaysia though. Not with baby around. Besides he seemed to have caught a mild flu and what sounded like a nasty, chesty, wheezy cough. Must really take care of that to avoid developing to asthma. At this young age, illnesses are amplified against them. So by the grace of God he shall be stronger! Amen.

I, myself have an ailment, my elbow pain, otherwise known as tendinitis or the common name, tennis elbow seemed to have gotten poorer. I thought it was recovering by taking voltaren, apparently it was not.

So for a New Year start, I called up my regular indonesian massage lady for a good rub down on my entire body as well a little more for my elbow pain. It was long overdue. She had been very busy lately with many clients calling for her services so she didn't chase me for any business. Still she was glad to come over for a massage job.

And where there is good massage other family members tend to join in, and so my elder brother-in-law and his wife 'tumpang' along!

;-) haha

Although my body was a trifle sore, but it was good. Really relaxed my entire body. Though my elbow tendinitis will require more work to get it 'repaired' as my wife puts it!

Also spend some time rerouting my social websites to make a more understandable flow of pinging out. It looks simple if you look at my flowchart but it takes some though and the better part of 2 days to get it to work mostly. Still got more cleanup to do so will just leave that till another time. Hope that will help out to gain some website prominance for my various website.

For now it is nice to see baby sleeping and so I shall retire for the night too.

Here's to counting sheep...
Yume mitai ne

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