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Seniors should keep healthy both physically and mentally

Seniors should keep themselves occupied or their cognitive function goes downhill. My dad-in-law if you compare with other seniors of the same age range should be, well, mentally good. Unfortunately his lack of keeping himself healthy is bringing about poor cognitive function. His comprehension is going downhill so much sometimes you wonder what to do with him.

His stubborness in refusal to maintain healthy lifestyle has resulted in very poor cognitive ability.

Like, in the bath, he kept putting water in the body wash container so much that the entire bottle is so diluted that he may as well just bath with water.

The other day when he was in my house he thought he was in his house and wanted to drive his car into the car porch.

And speaking about cars, his driving judgement is rather poor and you can see all the scratches on the four corners which he whole heartedly proclaim that other people did it to his car!

Well, the doctors says there is 2 ways to about this. Control him and try to force him to maintain a healthier lifestyle which would make him unhappy or allow him to do what he pleases so he would be happy but his physical and mental condition will continue to deteriorate at a pace greater than those who are of his age.

This is sort of like a catch 22 situation but guess there is no good option about. Thus a senior who is serious about health should do the necessary to keep both physical and mental health in order to maintain good lifestyle and also help avoid causing people around to him to be exaperated.

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