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Serious head trauma

What an eventful Chinese New Year! It was to be joyous occassion visiting families and friends. Unfortunately it was marred by my dad-in-law accident; he fell and hit his head pretty hard on the road.

He has been pretty wobbly and his sense of balance has not been good for the past many months. He fell in the coffeeshop many months ago and even fell on the stairs at home. Now this time was the most severe fall with a serious head trauma. He somehow lost his balance and fell diagonally and hit his left forehead. After rushing him to hospital, the doctor took a CT scan and found some hemorrhaging in the brain. No choice but to check him into ICU as this was rather serious. However there was not much they could do but to observe and provide medication. At his advance age and frail condition operation was out of the question.

Cat scan of head trauma with hemorrhage

ICU is going to cost a bomb! Although he is covered for AIG Personal Accident insurance, nowadays the insurance company like to worm their way out of any liability and may find a loophole to avoid dispersion of funds. Having had poor experience with insurance claims of late we have build a certain distrust of insurance companies.

Anyway no choice now. At least my dad-in-law got insurance cover so hopefully that would amount to something to help the medical financing.

Let's hope the internal bleeding will stop and he can be placed in normal wad and of course return home.

Eventually some decision has to be made on his daily gallivanting routine and his refusal for a healthier lifestyle.

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