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University Hospital, quite a maze!

Finally found my way around University Hospital. This place is like a maze! The various faculties are link up by way of tunnels and overhead bridges and walkways. Even with the signages it is still difficult to find my way around this vast hospital complex!

My dad-in-law and brother-in-law were both admitted to University Hospital but at different ward. The former was due to serious head trauma from a fall while the latter was due to his flare up of rheamatoid athritis.

Walking from one ward to another and of course to the pharmacy to purchase medical supplies, it was such a tiring affair! But it makes for a good walking exercise and I had good sense to wear a pair of sport shoes.

University Hospital is a government hospital and they have many specialist professors and upcominng medical student and future specialist doctors. This hospital is has under constant renovations and upgrade so much that is now a sprawling labyrinth hospital complex!

For lunch, my wife suggested the Secret Recipe Restaurant located on the ground floor near the emergency trauma section in Menara Utama. Took me a long time to find it. I almost decided to have my lunch at the food court which basically serve local fare. But after walking so much I decided to give myself a treat at Secret Recipe Restaurant.

Anyway, I had my lunch now and it is back to walking about University Hospital corrodors to the wards to check up on my in-laws condition.

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