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Proton cars more expensive in Malaysia than in Saudi Arabia

Received this in my inbox. This is a gripe against the current government in Malaysia. Yep, not many are happy at the way they are managing Malaysia. There is just too much leakages via corruption and lots of hanky-panky going around.
We all know we are paying way higher for Proton cars in Malaysia because the government is trying to protect its inefficient Proton car factory.

So when this reader saw the selling price of Proton cars in Saudi Arabia he sure jump into a furore than the government is cheating the people, the "Rakyat" so to speak.

Saudi Arabia Proton car prices vs Malaysian Ringgit
Proton Persona = SR36,100 = RM33,934
Proton Gen 2 = SR33,600 = RM32,256
Proton Waja = SR37,950 = RM35,673
At an exchange rate of 1 SR (Saudi Riyal) = RM0.94

For an idea the current Waja price according to the emailer is RM67,799.97 that’s 31,126.97 more expensive than in Malaysia. It seems the sales tax we Malaysia paid is to subsidize the selling price to overseas market. Something is not quite right here. Well as they say, Malaysia Boleh and in this case Malaysia Boleh for being able to sell overseas because the people here subsidize the Proton cars overseas in order to compete with other foreign cars.

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itchy4ever said...

the only way to solve the malaysian problem is to vote those bas***d out of office