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My Dad-in-law recovering

This was rather good news. Received text message that my dad-in-law condition is stabilizing and they have shifted him to a normal ward from the high dependency ward in University Hospital.


His glucose level has been reduced from a high of 14 to 9. Still high but not so high. According to the neuro doctor, his kidneys are functioning although initially there was a worry that it was affected from his head trauma brain injury. Seems like all the prayers from everyone helped!


There is still a need to take care as he was already suffering from type 2 diabetes and never controlled his food intake resulting in a skyrocket high glucose level. What to do? Stubborn senior who care more about enjoying food then making sure his glucose level is within limits.


Every time we tell him not to take salt (which is bad for the pancreas which produce insulin to control glucose) and not simply eat high glucose content food (like nasi lemak, roti chanai, and you know all those heavy carbohydrate foods) and he went around telling his neighbours that his family member didn't give him food to eat! Actually we want him to eat healthily like eat more vegetables (which he don't want to eat), eat less salt or not at all (so he said he never put salt but soya sauce is full of salt! Who's he trying to kid!) and preferably no chillies too because he gets diarrhoea (but he never listens).


Also he was given a walking stick so he can walk more stable but he refuse to take it but looking at him  walking even a strong wind could blow him over. Hopefully this hospitalization should make him realize the situation that he was not as strong as he was 20 years ago (which he use to boast often that if he can do it 20 years ago, he can do it now; refusing to admit age is catching up and much faster than others of his same age group coz he didn't take care).


So take note, keep yourself healthy and you can be as strong as an ox in your senior years. Be humble and be teachable when people give advice, listen and take heed. You can still enjoy your golden age even though your body is slowing down because your mind is strong, your body is healthy.



Stupid fireworks woke baby up!

I just managed to get baby to sleep and was about to take a bath, when suddenly, bang! Goes the fireworks! Baby had a great jolt and started crying! The maid also woke up too! Ya, ya, fireworks to be let out in the middle of CNY but this really made silently scream out at those bl***y stupid things! D**n, I have to start all over again and it takes a long time to calm baby and get him back to sleep!

Finally I could calm him down and settle baby back to sleep. For God's sake, no more fireworks please!

Phew hot day! Makes me kinda tired!

The hot weather has returned! I have been running around all day and with the hot weather, sure made me rather tired while running errands.

Now that mom-in-law is back, I guess she would be taken aback at the situation that was recently unfold. Only thing left is to wait for the healing process for her hubby to pull through and for her son's treatment of Still's disease. I should think my brother-in-law would recover much faster given sufficient rest.

Only my dad-in-law's head trauma will take some time. He can respond now, and the neuro-docs believe the hemorrhage has stopped judging by observation.

Since my wife has started work to rush for a proposal, I now have to rush to USJ to pick up baby so that my mom-in-law can go to University Hospital.

All this rushing about on such a hot weather too!

Lemon Cure against Cancer Cells

Lemon Cure against Cancer Cells

Received this message from my dad, looks intriguing. Haven't got time to verify this. So please read this for study and don't take it at face value till you do further research. Of course any health fitness news is welcome but there are also many misinformation in the internet so do your research!


University Hospital, quite a maze!

Finally found my way around University Hospital. This place is like a maze! The various faculties are link up by way of tunnels and overhead bridges and walkways. Even with the signages it is still difficult to find my way around this vast hospital complex!

My dad-in-law and brother-in-law were both admitted to University Hospital but at different ward. The former was due to serious head trauma from a fall while the latter was due to his flare up of rheamatoid athritis.

Walking from one ward to another and of course to the pharmacy to purchase medical supplies, it was such a tiring affair! But it makes for a good walking exercise and I had good sense to wear a pair of sport shoes.

University Hospital is a government hospital and they have many specialist professors and upcominng medical student and future specialist doctors. This hospital is has under constant renovations and upgrade so much that is now a sprawling labyrinth hospital complex!

For lunch, my wife suggested the Secret Recipe Restaurant located on the ground floor near the emergency trauma section in Menara Utama. Took me a long time to find it. I almost decided to have my lunch at the food court which basically serve local fare. But after walking so much I decided to give myself a treat at Secret Recipe Restaurant.

Anyway, I had my lunch now and it is back to walking about University Hospital corrodors to the wards to check up on my in-laws condition.

Serious head trauma

What an eventful Chinese New Year! It was to be joyous occassion visiting families and friends. Unfortunately it was marred by my dad-in-law accident; he fell and hit his head pretty hard on the road.

He has been pretty wobbly and his sense of balance has not been good for the past many months. He fell in the coffeeshop many months ago and even fell on the stairs at home. Now this time was the most severe fall with a serious head trauma. He somehow lost his balance and fell diagonally and hit his left forehead. After rushing him to hospital, the doctor took a CT scan and found some hemorrhaging in the brain. No choice but to check him into ICU as this was rather serious. However there was not much they could do but to observe and provide medication. At his advance age and frail condition operation was out of the question.

Cat scan of head trauma with hemorrhage

ICU is going to cost a bomb! Although he is covered for AIG Personal Accident insurance, nowadays the insurance company like to worm their way out of any liability and may find a loophole to avoid dispersion of funds. Having had poor experience with insurance claims of late we have build a certain distrust of insurance companies.

Anyway no choice now. At least my dad-in-law got insurance cover so hopefully that would amount to something to help the medical financing.

Let's hope the internal bleeding will stop and he can be placed in normal wad and of course return home.

Eventually some decision has to be made on his daily gallivanting routine and his refusal for a healthier lifestyle.