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Why Israel stormed the flotilla

Here is some intriguing info about why why Israel stormed the flotilla. As I suspected there must be a reason why Israel did what they did, just like why they invaded Gaza because the Hamas kept firing 20,000 rocket launchers into Israel. So here is the other side of the story that the media has kept it away from us. That's propaganda to you to paint Israel as the ugly enemy when in fact the real enemy is using the media to fight against Israel. Just like in WWII where the Brits and Germans used propaganda to either boost the morale of their own people while playing down on their enemy.

Shalom from Israel

Dugit Messiaic Outreach Centre and Adonai Roi (The Lord is My Shepherd) Congregation, Tel Aviv

Dear friend,

Following the incredible amount of negative press Israel has received in the world media, we felt compelled to write something to you from our hearts as we see events unfold from this side of the world. If you love and support Israel, we understand that you may be feeling confused by the accusations against Israel and wondering if there is some truth to the horrific stories. Did Israel really initiate unprovoked violence against a peaceful attempt to take humanitarian aid to Gaza? The world media were quick to send this headline around the globe but it was far from the truth!

There is a legal, legitimate maritime blockade in effect off the coast of Gaza. It was imposed with the agreement of Egypt when the Hamas terrorist regime took over Gaza. The Hamas regime has repeatedly bombed civilian targets in Israel with weapons that have been smuggled into Gaza via the sea.

"If ships were allowed to sail to Gaza without inspection, as flotilla organizers have demanded, nothing
could stop Iran from sending high-level weapons to Hamas in Gaza" said Binyamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel.

From the beginning of this situation the 'peace' activists have stated their intention was to storm the blockade. Thousands of tones of humanitarian aid is transported from Israel to Gaza by road every week through legitimate relief organizations like the UN and the Red Cross. Israel offered to transport the aid brought by these boats via the usual over-land routes once it had been inspected for weapons. The organizers refused to follow the legal path and intended to force Israel's hand by ignoring all warnings from Israel not to breach the maritime blockage.

After repeated warnings were verbally rejected over the radio by the ships captains, the Israeli Navy boarded the ships in order to re-direct them to an Israeli port in order to inspect the cargo and then transport it on to Gaza.

The Navy was unprepared for the level of violence they experienced on the lead Turkish ship, the 'Mavi Marmara'. "We prepared for an operation involving light resistance," said one navy officer, "We did not expect that the soldiers would be met by a mob armed with bats, knives and metal pipes." The soldiers were armed with paintball guns to minimize harm. Another officer said "We thought there would be verbal and passive violence, but not to the level we encountered. Everyone who came towards us wanted to kill us. We encountered terrorists who wanted us dead, and we used all the means at our disposal so that those who shouldn't get hurt would not."

The truth is that this was a politically motivated attack disguised as a humanitarian initiative by those who want to bring harm on Israel: Either through violence or through media propaganda.

A Personal response from Chaya

A letter from my heart;

When the Navy commandos repelled onto the ship from the helicopters, the terrorists on the Marmara were divided into groups and were organized and ready to attack. The Israeli authorities were taken by surprise at the violence of this attack. The soldiers were not prepared for a vicious mob.

Our Israeli soldiers were very restrained and careful, equipped with paintball guns to minimize harm. They were only given permission to fire their personal side-arms once the situation was out of hand and their very lives were in danger. Their aim was to disperse the rioters not to take lives.

One young Navy seal now has brain damage from being beaten so badly when he boarded the ship; another was thrown 3 stories to the deck below and then stabbed in the stomach. Another was hurled from the deck into the sea; others had serious injuries from being attacked. These were well trained navy seals - the attackers where not innocent civilians, they knew how to attack soldiers.

This was not a humanitarian mission - the motive was always political with violent intentions; they even refused to deliver a package to Gilad Shalit, from his parents. (Shalit is a 24 year old Israeli soldier who was kidnapped on the Gaza border 4 years ago by Hamas. Until today Hamas has refused to allow the Red Cross to visit him.)

The terrorists that were killed were carrying thousands of dollars in cash and had no Passports or I.D. It is suspected that they are connected to Global jihad affiliated organizations. Known Islamic extremists were identified as passengers on the ship. The intent of this ship was not to bring humanitarian supplies to the people in Gaza. (The organizers had been told by the Israeli authorities that the supplies would be delivered to Gaza once they had been checked for any illegal weapons.)
The intent was to stir up political pressure disguised as a humanitarian aid project to the people of Gaza. Thousands of tons of food and supplies are already being transported into Gaza through Israel every week.

The U.N. condemned Israel. The world showed their disapproval. People may say: we don't hate the Jews but we do not like Israel or her policies. I say to you that is deep rooted anti-Semitism.

Israel is a nation in shock after hearing all the lies that are being spoken against her all over the world. It is interesting that no one condemns the terrorists, who knew that Israel could not allow them to sail to Gaza because of the blockade and therefore came prepared to attack any Israeli who would stop them from doing so.

Today I am wearing a Navy Seals T-Shirt in honor of our brave soldiers, who were doing their jobs, boarding a ship that was challenging Israel's sovereign right to protect her borders.

Where does our help come from? Israel's help comes from the Lord who made heaven and earth and our Messiah Yeshua!

Please pray for us - the nation of Israel needs your prayers. Pray for protection against all who would come against her and for her people scattered all around the world.

For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. (Ephesians 6:12)

In our Messiah,

Chaya Mizrachi

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