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Baby is home!

Baby jaundice is down to 8.5 considered as normal level. The normal level for bililubrin is below 10 or so according to paediatrician. So baby had good care for 3 nights. Finally the long awaited home coming!

Initially the paediatrician wasn't keen to release baby and wanted further observation, but the results looks rather stable with the day before results at 8.9 and today's at 8.5. Besides I'm getting burned in the pocket and since it looks normalized may as come on home! Everybody is anxiously waiting for baby so may as well be today.

Just need to make sure baby gets a little morning sun everyday to build up the liver strength.

Got my parents help to carry baby back to my in-laws house where currently mommy is having her confinement period. Way too much taboos about her confinement and recovery from child bearing. No aircon and no fan! And weather in Malaysia now is oh so hot! Not easy to endure.

Finally baby is back and both my parents and parent in law dote on him. No wonder he got such a charming smile when he was born!

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