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After free McD time for car wash

Car Wash in Bandar Utama

Not bad, not bad. McDonald gave a free Fish-O-Fillet set. I just top up with applepie for a dessert to complete my lunch pack. So that's my lunch meal for the day.

While having my munch may as well queue up for a car wash. Weekends is not my preferred date for a car wash as the queue was rather long. But I needed to have my lunch so may well go for it!

I haven't washed my car for more than a month, been that busy! And not only was it dusty, it recently acquired some bird droppings too!

So may as well now than who knows when! Since I got some grub I can munch some and blog a bit in between. Haha, my car interior got a fair bit of food crumbs from rush hour breakfast in the car and now McDonalds too! Yep, time to clean the car!

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