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Enfalac A+ baby milk

Incubator and intensive care for babies.

Bought enfalac A+ baby milk. Mummy decided this would be superior than the Nestle Naan brand. I should think so too when I went to shop for it. Enfalac A+ was also expensive in comparison. So off I go to hospital with baby milk in hand.

The prognosis was good too. Jaundice level has come down to about 10.5 so by tomorrow baby can be discharged.

Everybody is looking forward to seeing baby and rather anxious of his current condition. Mum already send home for confinement recovery.

And me? Rather knock out from all the running around! Haha! That's parenting for me!

[update] Enfalac Price last checked August 2012

Enfalac A+ DHA+ Step 1
650gm = RM$71.60
500gm = RM$48.60

Enfalac Regular
650gm = RM$46.30

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