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Lots of things to do today

It's good to take the day off. Yesterdays short run 7km race has left me with very sore muscles. So I can take it easy for a short while anyway and wake up late for a bit of rest.

Baby and mom is doing fine and today tried my hand at changing diaper. It was a good change and there was a few points to note when changing diaper. Should be able to do it correctly after a few more tries.

Decided to get back my blood test report from BP Lab which I took several weeks ago. Everything was basically alright except for higher LDL, but the HDL / LDL ratio makes it still ok. Bone density was at borderline so must cut back on my coffee intake. And strangely they detected possible gastric bacteria. Hmmm this is strange. May need further check on this or just go straight for medical treatment. And finally my liver show some unusual result. Could be an inflammation or fatty liver. Since BP Lab found they still owe me a scan I decided to do it today about 4pm and get it done with the test.

so while in between, I brought my dad-in-law for his dentures fitting. He will need a proper denture for eating. All this while I wonder how he eats with his current imbalance denture. it seems this dental clinic in USJ is cheap and good. So it is going to be a long wait in clicnic before it will be our turn and the aircon here isn't efficiently cool for such a hot weather.

Looks like I have to leave him behind while I go for the scan and retun later to pick him up.

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