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Which #Android Phone Brand You Like?

Each Android phone maker is not the same. There is HTC, Samsung, Motorola, Sony, and various others as well as the made in Malaysia CSL.

I may not have tried them all, but having owned a Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 mini pro, briefly with HTC Wildfire and now using HTC Cha Cha, played with my sis-in-law's Samsung Android mobile phone.

I find I liked HTC. The interface and layout is much better thought out. The battery is a little more lasting but still gets drained during heavy usage. And there is a lot more widgets available for the android desktop and the contacts has better integration not just with Google, but also with Facebook and Twitter. Perhaps in future it might integrate with LinkedIn now that they have IPOed.

Anyway I'm enjoying my new HTC Cha Cha so going to tango with it while I figure out what to do with my Sony Ericsson X10 mini pro.

---[update 11/10/11]---

Been using my HTC Cha Cha for a fortnight now. Really like its crisp display and good user interface. Its internal ROM is a little low at 150MB vs that of my Xperia of 200MB. Wish I could dump off those apps that came with HTC as I don't really need them. Will have to dig around the net to find out how.

Decided to keep the Sony Xperia X10 since this was under company purchase. Not wise to sell it off. Besides, I could use it with my Hotlink prepaid SIM card and its keyboard really makes for a speedy SMS text messaging. And of course, it is running on Android.

I still have an extra mobile phone though. It's the old Sony Ericsson T700. This is a very slim space saving phone and has a good digital camera too! But the numerical keypad is not fast enough for SMS texting. Perhaps my sis who is a Sony Ericsson user might want this old phone. Hmm...

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