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Streamyx down again due to Sg Way exchange problem

And yet again, my office streamyx was down again. Just last week we couldn't connect for more than 24 hours due to streamyx server problem. And now due to an exchange junction in Sungai Way the internet was down since 6am this morning.

Couldn't do any work until they fix it. So no choice but to wait for a few more hours. I requested to boss to switch to UNIFI. Perhaps that would resolve some of the frequent downtime of streamyx. The cost will double and there is no guarantee it will have more uptime since it is under the telecom company namely TM.

I have a friend who was complaining like mad about his poor download speed from UNIFI. Never getting the 80-90% of the stated speed. But basically UNIFI should be working according to as much as the stated figure.

Anyway never know until try. But once in will have to use it for the contract period.

Meanwhile my recent upgrade to windows 7 has left my dial-up modem dead. There is no drivers for it. So I can't even use the old slow dial-up to access internet.

Only a quick tap here using my mobile phone to kvetch a little!

---[update 11/10/11] ---
Sigh! Now everybody is kvetching about the slooooow streamyx service. Tak boleh tahan lagi! Sure, there may be undersea cable problem according the voice recording when I called up their helpline center. However that should not affect my connection speed with local hosting servers, right? So definitely there is indeed something wrong with streamyx.

Now with school holidays coming in November and December, the number of people (especially children and teenager watching youtube and downloading stuffs) is going to overload the bandwidth. And I thought Streamyx solved that issue already when I was getting quite good speed past 1-2 years. Now it is back to the old slow-mo tricks again!

Now I'm signing up my office to the UNIFI package, which would give the office 5 times the current advertised speed of streamyx. I heard from some people UNIFI is also not at all it is cracked up to be. My brother and sister is using it and they don't have any problem. So I'm hoping the office here should be alright. Keeping my fingers crossed! Office usage here is rather high with 5 person sharing the line and with one watching youtube whenever boss not around.

I also need to check things online and downloading software to patch and maintain PC so do need quite a power speed.

As for my own personal use at home, I will still have to rely on streamyx for now despite is laggy slower service. Don't want to sign up for any package and lock myself in a contract for 2 years just yet.

I think there are many competitors coming in apart from the P1, Maxis fiber optics is coming in, and u-mobile also got some interesting offer without contract. So will just have to wait and see how it goes.

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