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Baby Fall Down From Cot

Oh, dear! Baby fell down from the baby cot! Don't how he managed to climb out from it. Cry like mad of course! Will have to observe him as the height was quite high. Wife said it is time to use playpen where the side walls are higher and the distance from ground much less.

---[update 11/10/11]---
Baby so far so good. Although a bit high to fall down from the baby cot, and baby cry like mad, he looks ok. No dizzy spells, no tiredness, no vomiting, which are signs of brain injury.

He was his usual busy body self, rearranging stuffs all over the place until grandma gets exasperated by his very busy activities. He is indeed a very active child and loves a good walk out exploring places and things.

Gave him a nice night walkabout around the neighborhood, looking for cats and dogs which catches his interest. There was a house with brightly lit garden with bright colourful blinking lights, a water fountain with flamingo statue which never fails to catch his sight.

A night walk satisfy at least just for awhile his need to explore.

So looks like he will be ok, just need to be more careful, dear baby! When would you learn what is safe to do and what is not?

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