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Baby 17 Months Old

My baby is 17 months old! And according to Baby Centre, "you may notice baby ability to do things by himself such as undressing herself, brushing her teeth without your help and tenderly nursing her dolls and stuffed animals. She's learning how to take care of herself, and others and she'll refine this ability as she gets older."

Well, he still a long way off for that. But I did notice he is asserting himself and wants things his way or he will throw a tantrum or fake cries. Can't be giving in to whatever baby wants as that is a sure way to spoil him. Loving him is sometimes requires doing some tough love, as he would need discipline. Because in future, a disciplined person would be able to take care of himself as well as others.

Meanwhile, he is having a lot of fun, still need to teach him to put away his things after he has played with them. Also noticed that meal times, whenever he wants his way, he will throw his utensils and what's not onto the floor and expect us to pick up. Now is the time not to entertain him and teach him that if he throws them on the ground there is no picking up and getting replacement.

Also notice that he wants to walk up and down the stairs. Although in some ways good that he wants to improve his walking skill, but he is still a little poor on balance, thus walking the stairs is very dangerous for him.

And yes, he is a very busy, busy boy. Not always content with playing with his own toys, he would also fiddle with household items like buckets, stools, etc and moving them around the house much to the chagrin of grandma having to pick up after him or prevent him from playing unsuitable items.

Well a growing child needs lots of stimulation and learning new things and some items may be good for him to explore and fiddle with and yet we do need to show him that some items and areas are off limits as they may pose a danger to good old baby. Well at 17 months he sure is a busy baby boy!

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