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RAID Shadow Legend Chaos Theory Guide to Summoning Legendaries ★☆★☆★

The difficulty of claiming a legendary champion with the super low probablity of 0.5% seems really difficult. With enough Mystery, Ancient, Void and Sarcred shards, you could try to overcome it with some law of attraction strategies. The asian method is the paramount tactics of trying to overcome this adverse law of probability. It isn't foolproof, but anything is better than pulling hairs!

RAID Shadow Legends targetted summoning, it is really difficult to get that Legendary!

I have but no choice on this matter and leave it to divine intervention to resolve this issue. The universal law of probabilities is such that if you do it sufficient long enough, you may yet overcome the entropic nature of chaos.

It was said that if given sufficient time, perhaps infinte time, it would by chance move the particles into an orderly pattern. And that would somehow overcome the entropy. This chance is so minute that it seems impossible. It is so fraud with randomness that one would think it was a quantum physics scam. It would be well beyond our tiny lifetime against the vastness of infinity.

Likewise if justice were to prevail, then I could get my hands on some powerful RAID Shadow Legends champions that can do justice in this world. Until then, it would be paramount to do the daily grind of farming and hoping that one day I could summon a powerful hero champion and develop it to its full potential.

Perhaps the summoning deceit would be overcome by a stronger divine intervention. Until then, only prayer and supplication, and waiting for a sign that all would be well in this corner of the fantasy world.

Truth be told. The Ancients Elders of the RAID Shadow Legend world is now rooted in potential chaos. And the heroes are summon with love and compassion to overcome the coming evil in the world. However the starter champions would only be good enough for the early game play. To reach to greater heights, more powerful champions needed to be summoned.

The all time coveted champions are so difficult to get. Let alone trying to get any legendary at all! Sounds like a scam within a scam. But such is the gameplay. To keep your interest, they would give you a pinch chance, however small, to get your hands on those powerful champions.

One of the few methods that I have tried that seem to work. Trying to second guess when the probability might swing right into that 0.5% chance is actually quite a lot of luck. Can't fault me or any others to think otherwise. Hunches and divine inspiration, ouch! Just too much fancy thinking I suppose.

I will post further on my method of divination against such low probability. However slim, could give you an edge to get a chance at catching Epics and Legendary. Take note it is just that. It still does not guarantee you would get a powerful champion or just plain duds.

Here's my ultimate paramount strategies post on the potential to overcome against the low probability odds against your summoning process. It is by no means perfect. Only those who has deep resources would have the better chance of catching that elusive most wanted champion.

So all the best to your RAID Shadow Legend summoning gameplay. There is no free lunch or good returns. Just pure luck and non-stop grinding!

My Legendary Champions collection RAID Shadow Legend

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