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Summoning Legendaries Paramount Strategies Scheme RAID Shadow Legend

It’s tough to get legendaries in RAID Shadow Legends, let alone trying to get that most coveted powerful Champion. I came up with some paramount strategies scheme to give a chance against the low probability and hopefully the law of averages would chance upon you. However it is still as tough as ever. There are times when the odds are just against you! All I could get were the Rares, and not even an Epic! It feels like the system has scam you!

After playing for so long, I slowly amassed quite a number of Legendary Champions. About half were the freely given ones, while the rest was via the summon process. Even the free ones were not easy as it took time to collect the necessary fragments.

Extra Legendary Summon from RAID Shadow Legend

And even with this number of Legendaries, I think half of them weren’t great for Arena PVP. And some were like specialists Champions to clear Faction Crypts, Dungeons, Clan Boss and Doom Tower.

To somehow have a chance to overcome the gacha odds against you, it is paramount to collect as many summoning shards. One must control your own urge to use the shards and until sufficient quantities have been collected. This strategy may or may not work for you. Just hoping for the law of average to work; heck, I am sounding like the law of surprise from a certain show!

Here is my mini paramount strategies scheme:

  • Amass as many shards as you can. Blue Ancient shards are the easiest to collect. So keep collecting until you can get a lot of it. My target is 100 shards or more. And try not to let it go down below 50 shards if the luck of summoning is against you.
  • The purple Void Shards are a bit tougher to collect. My target is about 20 shards or more. I may go for a single shard piece-by-piece summoning or ten at one go.
  • The golden Sacred Shard is the most difficult to collect. So I would use it sparingly.
  • The moment I got a legendary, I would stop all summoning processes. The odds are heavily stacked against you to get another in the same summoning sitting.
  • For blue Ancient shards and purple Void shards, I would also stop summoning if I got an Epic Champion. And try again later.
  • I don’t bother so much for the 10x chance of getting a targeted champion. The probability is still the same as usual. I would usually attempt when there is a double chance. Even then, from 0.5% to 1% chance of Legendary champion summoning is still very much against your favour.
  • Sometimes I would go for a green Mystery Shard and alternate back to Ancient, Void, or Sacred Shards. I know, I know, it probably makes no difference in the way the randomness is calculated. Just a way of thinking that the probable number would move around the low rank area, and hopefully, just hopefully, when I swap over to the Ancient, Void, or Sacred Shard it would be time for that tiny higher probability rank summoning.
  • And finally the hunch summoning. I think it only worked once for me. Haha! Still, you never know where the probability number might swing!

The above are just some of the ideas for my summoning process. You can come up with your own scheme. The main point is to let the law of average work for you as a chance to overcome the difficulty of the law of probability that is against you. Then, there is the law of surprise, where after you get a legendary Champion, it could be a good, bad or ugly Champion!

RAID Shadow Legends targetted summoning, it is really difficult to get that Legendary!

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