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RAID Shadow Legends Gacha Grinding

Why am I still grinding through this RAID Shadow Legends game! Ouch! Since my last blog, I managed to gacha some Legendaries. Even got a double legendary from the double legendary summon event! That was a first for me. Unfortunately, they gave one good and one bad legendary. Sigh. The initial excitement of seeing the golden swirl during the summoning process became somewhat of a letdown.

I try to make the best of any legendaries. Like in my early play, I got a badly reviewed Warchief and Tomb Lord. It did help out in some early arena situations. I didn’t quite understand the game mechanics, and was plodding horrendously slow. I heavily relied on my AOE blaster, Basilisk, and the free legendary, Scyl of Drakes.

My early RAID Shadow Legends Arena Team

Slowly I gained additional epics and legendaries and I could make some headway. My progress moved the most last year, 2022, when I decided I should push the champions to the max and have artifacts and accessories of 5 stars and 6 stars.

Full masteries for the important champions. By using 800 Gems, I could bump them immediately to their max.

It got me ahead in some ways, but I was still losing out to speed nukers. So this year, I tried a different approach. I decided I should get as many artifacts with the speed substats, and if possible, the speed substats should be raised up during the leveling up process. Doing so has a caveat, other stats would suffer. So I would need to carefully balance the other stats too. Though the main focus is to push the speed up. My average speed ranges from 180 to 220. Which was not too bad, but still not too good either.

This approach helped me to gain a lot of headway and I could reach Gold level five tier in the Arena. I could also break through many faction crypts and complete the Doom Towers in normal mode.

The biggest resource shortage is silver coins. Legendary and Epic Tome, and Gems are important too, but I could ration and use them sparingly on the important champions. However, the silver coins, it takes a tremendous amount to push Artifacts and Accessories to level 16!

Another approach that I have adopted, was to hoard resources for a faster build up of any champions that may be useful:

  • Building up fodder champions to level 4 and 5, so that I will have ready champions for sacrifice to bump up good and useful champions. While doing this farming process, I would also collect enough of the silver coins to push up the level of artifacts and accessories. Despite the good collection, it is still quite not enough more often than not.
  • Hoarding shards and waiting for some events or waiting for some hunches (well it didn’t always work!). By having a good number of shards, you could try to make the law averages work for you even though the law of probabilities is working against you. I think this played out quite well and I could get that shimmering golden swirl every once in a while.
Hoarding champions for fodder in RAID Shadow Legends

While hoarding artifacts and accessories, you would start to run out of storage space. In which case, I decided on an aggressive trimming process. First by eliminating most artifacts without speed substat for the Weapon, Helmet and Shield. For Gauntlet, Chestplate and Boots, I kept the main stat of Crit Rate, Attack% / Defense% / HP% and Speed.

For accessories, I kept the main stats Crit Damage for Amulet. Banners without speed substat are also eliminated. As for the Rings, if too many similar substats, I would trim them off.

Doing the above would get me a bunch of silver coins. Pretty helpful!

RAID Shadow Legend, trying to catch that speed substats in artifacts, not so easy.

I think I have pushed this game as far as I can. I still could not match those platinum Arena tiers; and the new bosses seemed rather OP (over powered). With the RAID Shadow Legends developer adding more and more stuff in their bid to hold player interest, it needs more and more time to gather all the necessary resources. That I think is rather counter productive. Increasing new OP bosses and new ways to boost champion power to hold the game player’s interest might have the opposite effect.

It gets very tiring trying to complete so many quests and tasks. It is probably time to throw in the towel. I am still holding on because after finally acquiring some nice legendaries, it’s quite a bit of a shame to let it all go.

Still, it has to be done. Until I find the right time to do so. Carry on grinding! Grrr…


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