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Which Rare Champions to keep in RAID Shadow Legends?

As the game progresses, you will start to amass quite a fair number of RAID Shadow Legends. Soon you will find yourself running out of slots to keep your champions. To free up the slots you will need to weed out which champions are worth keeping, and which to use as fodder to level up more useful champions.

This question came to my mind and I am sure to many players as well. Judging from the comments from various forums. There weren’t any hard and fast rules. There were some sites even listing a hefty large number of champions too! That won’t do. Not enough slots to spare!

RAID Shadow Legend rare champions strip

So, I am going to give my two-cents worth. Perhaps it would help some players out there who are trying to decide how best to go about doing it. There is no hard and fast rule. You just have to decide what would suit you the best. So here’s how I went about it, it may not necessarily be the best way, but could give an idea for your decision.

Athel, Elhain, Galek and Kael. The four starter champions. They are not too bad, not too great either. However Kael is the most popular judging from the many Kaels in the PVP Arena. His A2 Acid Rain attack is rather devastating, though his defense is a little too squishy. I kept them all because, well, they were starter champions. I got Kael rather late in the game, and didn't really develop him. Just kept them around as a collection.

Warmaiden. Her A3 Crumbling Blast is also rather devastating. She is used quite a lot in the Arena circles as well. Again, I got her rather late in the game, so I didn’t develop her at all. Maybe one day I will test her out. Then again maybe not. She is too squishy for the long battle.

Chevalier. One of my favorites. I am still using him for Clan Boss battles, occasionally on Arena PVP, and various quests. I got him early in the game from one of the events. His A1 Hack Through attack ignores shields and block damage makes him quite a whacker! Additionally his strong defense, shield and heal buffs enables him to stay in the fight longer. I don’t see many using him. Perhaps it is difficult to summon him from Void shards. Or players may have found some other better champions. If you happen to get him, it is worth developing this champion!

Coldheart. It seems to be many players' favorites. I got her rather late and haven’t gotten around to develop her.

Paragon aka Mr. Cheese. His two turn unkillable buff really cheeses me off whenever I face him in the Faction Wars crypts! I’m trying to replicate this irritating skill, so far I haven't gotten around doing it yet. If you are facing him in the Arena, you will need a champion that ignores Unkillable buff. I happen to have Rotos the Lost Groom, and he does the job nicely against Mr. Cheese!

Apothecary. His A2 Soothing Chant critical rate heal could heal your champion to full health! Quite a useful addition to your team.

Grinner. His A3 Unbury skill is very useful to revive a dead ally. As a support, his A1 Bile attack and A2 Shock AOE attack is not too bad.

I am keeping a few others below, some I got them early in the game and was developing them, and others I thought were reasonable and to fill in the gaps in my team. Although they weren’t really great in the long run. A point to note is that you will need a rare for each faction. Sometimes you will have a quest requiring a rare champion to be in your team in order to complete your quest.

Mother Superior. She has an Aura for a 13% increased speed and quite a strong A1 attack, A2 and A3 for heals.

Warpriest. Keep or fodder? Up to you. Her A2 Divine Light 40% heals are quite ok when fully booked. As for her A1 Admonish attack with 25% freeze when fully booked, I didn’t see the freeze effect so much due to its low percentage.

Valerie. I am using her for shields and healing the team. Not a great healer. Hope to get a better champion to replace her.

Marked. Her A3 Totemic Power which Block Debuffs and Increase DEF was a great help for me to get through the final boss in the Faction War crypt Stage 21. And she is Level 50 only!

Fellhound. I liked its A1 Ravage AOE attack and A3 Block Damage buff for an ally. However, its poor defense made it too squishy for the long battle, despite it being a defense champion.

Lifetaker. She is kinda cute. Her attacks were decent. Nothing to shout about. I see some players using her in Tag Team Arena. Maybe I might develop her further.

Skink. His A1 Slippery Strike is similar to Chevalier. I have just noticed that and am trying to develop him and see whether he would be as powerful as Chevalier or not.

Reliquary Tender. I needed her A3 Call to Life revive skill. Her A2 remove debuffs from all allies also came in useful occasionally. Unfortunately she is a little too squishy for the long battle.

There may be some hidden gems. Perhaps you may chance upon such gems. Due to necessity you develop them to fill up your team and you may have a chance to find a champion that could hold its own. However, more often than not, you will find rares are just not that great.

Some forums commented to keep all the rare void affinity. You could do that. I’m doing this. However, I found myself running low on empty slots and will eventually have to weed through them as well. After all, I’m not really using them.

One quick way to help in the decision is to browse the rating reviews. If there were too many yellow ratings, it is quite safe to assume the champion is subpar and you could sacrifice them off. As you play along, you would start to gather more Legendaries and Epic champions which are far more superior. Thus it shouldn’t take too much consideration to clean up your collection and free up much needed slots and make room for the better RAID Shadow Legend champions!

With the introduction of Faction Guardians, you may end up keeping pairs of rares whether they were good or not just to fill in the guardian slots to gain some additional stats. Fortunately they also came up with the Reserve Vault just for the less than useful champions sitting by the wayside. No choice about it. Of course it would be better to fill it with champions that you are using. But that is not always the case.

There you go. My rare champion list is rather compact. And that is how it should be. I hope the above helps.

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