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RAID Shadow Legend Spider’s Den Stage 20 Cleared Finally! ★

Amongst the Dungeons in RAID Shadow Legends, the Spider’s Den is one of the most difficult dungeons to get through. And today I finally cleared stage 20! Perhaps it is nothing to shout about, considering there are so many strong and powerful players out there.I considered it a personal milestone to clear it.

RAID Shadow Legends Spider's Den

Playing RAID Shadow Legend is no easy task. It is an extremely laborious process of leveling up the Champions. Luck is also a big factor. I can guarantee that luck in this game is definitely against you. And by grinding doggedly, you can play the numbers game that the probability would somehow fall in your favor and get something useful.

Of course the time can be shortened by contributing funds to the game makers. Somehow I find the cost of getting anything is way too exorbitant. Looking at the prices offered, the dollar value of those items did not feel like a good value. So for now, I will grind through my free to play game.

Today I decided to take the challenge of crossing Stage 19 and 20 of the Spider’s Den. For quite sometime now, I have been plundering for the Ring, Amulet and Banner items at stage 18. At one time, I did clear stage 19, but I couldn’t recall which champions that I have used. So today I was going to figure it out once and for all and take a note of it.

My steady playing since I restarted since October 2021, I have managed to gather a fair bit of AOE as A1 attacks. My very first good A1 AOE champion, an epic, is Basilisk of the Lizard Faction. I got it early in the game, and continued to use it as my de facto go to blaster. From campaign farming, arena battle duels, dungeon plundering as well as Clan Boss whacking.

As I amass more champions, I begin to specialize some of my collection for specific tasks. It is still good to have a general all-purpose champion. However to clamber up the higher levels, some thoughts were need to be put in.

For the Spider’s Den, the spiderlings are really a nuisance. Their poison sting can wreak havoc to your champions’ health, and they provide the mother spider as a food source for healing and a big damaging blast. To overcome the little terrors, a good A1 AOE champion would be really useful.

As of now, I have collected several good, powerful A1 AOE champions:

➤ Deliana

➤ Basilisk (two of them too!)

➤ Infernal Baroness

➤ Sinesha

And not so powerful A1 AOE champions

➤ Bad-el-Kazar

➤ Nazana

➤ Skytouched Shaman

Normally A1 AOE champions would be used because their AOE attacks would be useful to clear out the pesky spiderlings quickly. And the occasional A2 and/or A3 attacks would be used for major damage against the mother spider.

Though I have pushed the damage dealing rather well, I was pretty much stuck at stage 18. I could not get past stage 18, though I did get through stage 19 once. But I have forgotten which combination of champions to use. 

It was a tough trial and error of figuring out the right combination of champions. The main issue was the spiderling are hard to kill at the higher stage. Their poison bites were weakening my champions’ health points. My A1 AOE blasters were not doing their job well enough despite putting a few of them. In addition, I was not using any revivers, and that put them out of the action when they are down and out.

The way to go about it, I figure was to have good healers that also have good attacks. Sort of dual purpose champions. Pure healers are very strong in healing but would lose out in terms of firepower, while dual purpose champions may not be strong in either but would be good enough to do both jobs.

After testing several combinations and coming up short, I decided to use champions similar to my clan boss grouping. If that group could withstand the clan boss, perhaps they might blast through the Spider’s Den. Though the battle was hard fought and at some point I thought they would be decimated when one of my attackers kept dying and being revived several times, finally they pulled through and cleared it!

My Spider’s Den group consist of:

➤ Drexthar

➤ Bad-el-Kazar

➤ Scyl of Drakes

➤ Ninja

➤ Deliana

How this group works

The HP Burn from Drexthar and Ninja would cause a rather massive damage as the damage is proportionate with the monster’s HP. Both have good AOE attacks although it may take some time for cooldown to be used again. While their A1 single attacks would be used to reduce the mother spider’s HP.

Bad-el-Kazar has a quadruple purpose job. It has an A1 AOE attack to whittle at the spiderling HP. It is not much as a damage dealer, but it does provide very good healing for the entire group. And it would spew out its own poison against the spiders. Poison damage is also based against the opponent’s HP, and would do massive damage against bosses. And provide healing buffs for the entire group to stave off the heavy damage from the spiders.

Initially I used Zavia, a strong poisoner and damage dealer. Unfortunately it was very squishy. I decided to change her to Deliana, which has an AOE for her A1 attack. Her high HP was a good help to withstand the spiderlings onslaught.

And finally Scyl is needed to revive any champions that succumbed to the high poison attacks from the spiderlings.

My setup may not be the best, but I am happy that it cleared stage 20, paving the way to get past some quests at a later part of the game. I am sure other players may have a better set up. It also depends on how one built their champions and what champions that they have in hand. And since these are the cards given to me, I just have to make do the best I can.

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