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War Robots game play getting harder

I've slowed down playing Pixonics War Robots mobile game around October 2019. I started another mobile game from Plarium RAID Shadow Legends to give myself some game difference. I didn't give up War Robots altogether having amassed a tidy little Robots and Weapons. Just milking along on the daily advertisement viewing reward collection. And should I gather enough Silver Ag, I would upgrade an item. Mind you, the amount needed to upgrade anything was so exorbitant making it near impossible to gain any upgrade advantage. Coupled with the new Titan robots, pilots, modules, etc, it takes forever to upgrade anything! Thankfully Pixonic tried to give additional silver, but it is never enough. It still takes forever to upgrade! Period.

War Robots hangar with Fenrir, Lancelot, Ares, Falcon and Kumiho.

I still bump into death squad whenever I gave the game a spin. I suppose Pixonic has not been able to resolve the game matching pitting squad players (especially death squad) against normal players. Sure spoil the fun out of the game. With the frequent introduction of new robots and weapons and nerfting of existing weapons, I find my game winning chances is about 1 in 3. I do sometimes find it fun to bust some robots but I'm always being outclassed by other players especially those P2W players.

One very glaring nerfting is the shotgun weapons like Thunder, Storm, Gust, Glory, Corona and Halo. It has been weaken so much that almost no one is using it anymore. I found that using the good old Punishers were far more effective in bringing down enemy combatants!

I also felt the Falcon with Traditionalist skill has been weaken and Fenrir's defence points has also been reduced. They don't last as long in the battle. Or perhaps the other players has far more powerful robots and weapons thereby making these two robots weaker in comparison?

If playing the game didn't give such good experience, why am I still trying to whack enemy robots? I wonder. I suppose I will slowly ween off and let it go altogether.

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