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My RAID Shadow Legend game play so far

I've started playing Plarium RAID Shadow Legend since October 2019 having decided to slowdown playing on Pixonic War Robots. I wanted something different from the usual 1st person shooter game. I had played many versions of RPG from the very first Apple Phantasie with its very basic graphics, the popular Ultima, then to the much better graphics and music of and scary atmosphere of Diablo, and finally this.

RAID Shadow Legend splash screen

This is not your usual RPG game where you will roam the wilderness bumping into bestiary to fight and loot. Nope this is more like a strategy game with a lot of grinding to level up. The campaign game is really simple and straight forward. Just keep bashing the enemy until your party is not strong enough to go on, then have a period of grinding to level up before proceeding to bash the enemy to get to the next level.

This is also a collector style game very much like Pokemon where you have to sort through and weed out the weaker Champions and spend time to upgrade the better ones. One good point of this collector game versus that of Pokemon is that you don't have to roam about the streets trying to catch that elusive Pokemon. Instead, just sit back at home in your sofa and summon away and try your luck to get some good rare, epics and especially legendary champions!

To really level up, I found I have to spend far more time in comparison with War Robots. The more your grind the faster the progress. Unlike War Robots where your leveling up is determined by how much silver you have and a very time consuming real time upgrading process.

Initially is was very easy to level up. However as you try to push the Champion to level up and any of its related artifacts, skills, ascensions,  it gets harder and harder. I suppose most games are like that to keep the challenge up!

Plus the fact that the graphics are really eye pleasing, it sort of catch you on that initially. As the game progresses, the grinding part really wears you down in order to power up your champion. Having played more than 180 days and collected the many various rewards. I'm considering to slowdown this game as well.

RAID Shadow Legends my Champion Collection

I did managed to collect a fair number of Champions and a couple of legendary. Some of my Champions are pretty good and I could go up against strong players in the PVP Arena. My line up tend to be balance on attack, defense and speed, which stand up pretty well. My champions basically has no chance against high attack, high speed teams or heavy defense slow attrition teams. In addition, I have quite a tough time against teams that uses a strong buffs/debuffs with high attack damage.

While scanning through YouTubers I found players were able to bump up the Champion stats to such a high level! I'm not sure how they did it. It is possible they have very good artifact combination and maxing it out to level 16. Another possibility is paying for the Epic skill tomes and Legendary skill tomes to upgrade the champion skill. These are the only items that I find it most difficult to acquire from normal game play. All others you can slowly grind and eventually get something.

Anyway, I think I did fairly well and it's about time to ease off from the game for now. It takes hours to complete the many task and to gain anything useful.

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