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Time for car wash! At Esso near Damansara toll

Looking through my car windshield while having my car wash at Esso near Damansara toll

Yeeach! Shouldn't have parked under the tree, it was splattered with bird droppings! So time for car wash!

When will city hall organise a crow shooting coz the population is increasing and now my car is very beautifully decorated!

Anyway it has been a long while since my last car wash however being a holiday weekend, most car wash centre around my house has packed for the weekend. Fortunately manage to find one at the Esso station just after the Damansara toll exit.

Fortunately the queue wasn't too long as many people has gone for some holiday somewhere or balik kampung to see their family. Usually car wash centers are packed during weekends but this time round was rather short.

My car washed and after back home applied the Rain-X for rain repellent. Most likely as luck would have it (in my experience) it always rains after you have washed your car! Haha!


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