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Bypassing DNS Block of TM Streamyx

Recently I noticed there was lag whenever I tried to access internet. I guess the recent government directive to Streamyx and other ISP providers in Malaysia in an attempt to use DNS block has resulted in a slower internet access. Such DNS blocking is futile as it was very easy to bypass DNS block.

The Malaysian government went against their promise (perhaps even illegal since it went against the MSC Malaysia Bill of Guarantee) of giving its citizen unrestricted access to the internet and instructed Malaysian Communication and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) to block off certain sites. So much for freedom of information. The reasoning behind it was to fight against piracy and against illegal file sharing sites. That’s the overt reasoning, I should think there is also a covert conspiracy to also shut off opposition website as well too since they did get a hammering during the 2008 general election as the opposition used the internet media to voice out their opinion thus making the current coalition losing so many Parliament seats that they are now so desperate to get back their 2/3 majority.

If government can go against what they have tabled in the parliament then surely they can do whatever they pleased legally or illegally. Anyway, I’m not here to blog about the ills of bad governance, but rather to find a solution to bypass the DNS blocking. So far the blockage is fairly simple unlike the Chinese government far more advance method of clamping of freedom of information (you can’t even watch Youtube in China and you need sophisticated DNS proxy to get around China government blockage plus you might end up in jail too!)

Anyway, the DNS block seemed to have caused my Streamyx internet connection to slow down to certain web sites. These site that slowdown I can’t even get a decent connection to do anything. I wasn’t really planning to do any DNS block bypass since I don’t do any of those file sharing download stuff, unfortunately it was collateral damage to normal users like me and so no choice but to use it.

Bypassing DNS block imposed by Malaysian Government

My brother showed it to me and it was simple and straight forward. Instead of using TM/Streamyx primary and secondary DNS of and respectively, all that was needed was to change it to and and that’s it! This set of DNS belonged to Google it seems. So now my internet data is no longer routed via TM/Streamyx servers where the DNS blocking is done, instead it now goes through Google without facing any censoring. I believing the censoring is causing a heavy load with their subroutine thereby slowing down my broadband connection, bypassing it, now I get faster connection. I’m not sure if my explanation is right but the faster connection seemed to prove it.

And of course, the censoring of the internet has caused ire from the underground international internet community and the backlashed caused many government website to be hacked. Fortunately mostly minor defacement. Hah! Even the government engages hackers (though not confirmed, mostly conspiracy theory, but how else to explain why the alternate media went down in the first place?) to create Denial-Of-Service against alternate media to clam down on opposition reporting. So sort of an irony here.

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Anonymous said...

Hey pal, thanks a lot! I never thought it could be so easy and simple. I finally can access certain websites..without being blocked by TM Streamyx's DNS. ^^

Anonymous said...

After following your instructions closely as to how to alter the DNS server; my computer asks me to give an IP address as well. May I know how to or which IP address to use? Thanks.

Anonymous said...

yup i can surf into blocked website, but still the site i want to surf can't be reachable the streamyx really interupted the conection.. i used a proxy server and i can enter the site but some of the important feature on the site are not appear, like some sort of error

Anonymous said...

thanks it helps me quite alot... as my housemate is download movie n watch PPS online n cause my house TM line very slow~ cant even do a google search! now the speed is very ok!! thanks again!

Anonymous said...

download dns jumper..

Unknown said...

is it safe? i mean, does it effect any breaking of TM's policies that can cause termination?