Samsung Galaxy 5 I5503

This looks like the cheapest Android Phone that I've come across. The Samsung Galaxy 5 I5503 going for RM699 (US$227) sold by PDA Expert Mobility in Digital Mall sec 14 Petaling Jaya. Even at this price it got GPS and WIFI.

No chance to look at the android phone as I was just passing through and just grabbing their price list to see what is their latest PDA phone offering of Windows Mobile, Blackberry, Android phone, and Java phones.

Ok, found some specs and it goes something like:
Samsung Galaxy 5(I5503) will come packed with a standard 2.8 inch QVGA touch sensitive display, a 2MP camera, Samsung’s unique Touch Wiz UI 3.0, 3G connectivity , Wi-Fi, GPS, a 600MHz CPU , a standard 3.5mm audio output jack, and an expandable MicroSD card support.

Here's a nice little picture of it.
Samsung Galaxy 5 I5503

Personal Blogs with Posterous

With Vox closing down its service, it gave some suggestion where you could set up free personal blog and one mention was Curious I gave it a spin and found intriguing feature.

Posterous posting concept

The personal blog concept from Posterous is slightly different from other free blog sites like typepad, blogger, xanga, livejournal, wordpress, etc. Their idea was that many of us are not always behind the desktop PC and might be on the go, so they espouse the idea of posting your personal blog via email. It gives a common email address that user of posterous uses. The idea was so that you don't have a funny secret individual nonsensical email address to remember when you make a post. The catch however, your post must be from the email address that you signed up with.

Anyway one nice feature is that I could A record my subdomain to it (and yet again! Haha) and thus making my ever burgeoning website bigger! Of course you could just set up a domain solely for it too if you prefer.

And another nice feature from Posterous is the ability to repost to other sites like Facebook, Twitter, Wordpress, Drupal, Blogger, Flickr, etc. However it can't pull post though.

Will be trying Posterous for personal blogs out for awhile and see how it goes. 

Causes of Migranes

Girls massaging head due to migraine

Causes of Migranes

The most common dietary offenders of migrane include sulfites, red wine or other alcoholic beverages (hangovers), nuts, aspartame, monosodium glutamate (MSG), caffeine intake or withdrawals (tea, cocoa products), tyramine (some cheeses), nitrites / nitrates (salami, hot dogs, spinach, radishes, lettuce, celery, cabbage) & others.

Non-dietary causes of headaches include those resulting from eye strain, lack of sleep or sleeping too long, carbon monoxide poisoning, very low / high blood pressure, altitude changes (air travel), bright or flashing lights, loud or low frequency noises, electromagnetic fields (cell or portable phone), fluorescent-energy-saving light bulbs, emotional stress or trauma, strong odors (including news print), pet allergies & others.

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Causes of Acne

Girls checking for acne

Causes of Acne

1. Diet

Carbohydrates with a high glycemic index, which cause glucose and insulin levels to spike, may influence the severity of acne. Conversely, a diet high in protein and carbohydrates with a low glycemic index improves acne breakouts.

2. Stress

When under stress, the body produces more sebum oil. Overly oily skin may result in clogged pores and cause acne to appear.

3. Vitamin deficiency

Deficiency of vitamins A, B, C, E, Chromium, and Zinc may most likely trigger acne.

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The Trick to Glossy Hair

Penelope Cruz

The Trick to Glossy Hair

One's food intake is crucial to hair. Healthy hair requires sticking to a diet rich in fresh fruit & vegetables. Hair is 75% protein and requires regular top-ups of protein-rich foods to stay strong and healthy-looking. For a long term shine, is good for one to wash hair daily. Hair picks up dirt & grime, just like skin, & looks its healthiest when it has just been washed.

One should choose the right shampoo for hair type and use a conditioner, particularly for those with dry hair. The more hydrated one's hair is, the glossier it will look. Rinsing hair with cold water does not promote shine. In fact, hot water is more efficient at dislodging pollutants. / SEMPOI

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Road rage

Car boot dented by fist of road rage person, I hope he suffers a fracture!

Never thought I experience road rage in Malaysia. Although I made some mistakes but there was no cause for the other driver to get so riled up. I may have tried to rushed out a little but I stop and let the other car pass. But he got so angry he slowed and blocked my way so i overtook him and he has to show his finger. After overtaking him he sped his car after me but all i wanted to do was get to Tesco. So while trying to get my car park ticket the mad driver got out and slammed his fist on my boot and yelled at me saying something about he got a baby in his car. I think he just simply lost it!

If he truly was concerned about the welfare of his child he should just have let it go when he horn his car and I stopped from rushing out. So who is more wrong here? A person itching to fight is letting his emotion controlling him.

Anyway there is now a nice little dent in my boot and left me with a bad after taste in my mouth. Now thinking about it, very likely he must have been stressed out taking care of his baby. But to show his road rage and anger tells volume that he is likely unfit to teach good moral to his kid. I shudder to think that such bad behaviour gives a very bad example to his child when the child grows up.

To show that might is right is totally wrong and letting anger to lead to sin is such a gross violation to good morals.

Sigh! What is this world becoming? Perhaps the Discovery channel about end of the world by year 2012 would come to pass when you look at the anger and intolerance in this world today with each faction claiming their way is right and to enforce it so with such violence and suicide bombers and such makes you wonder this is really the end of days scenario as foretold by biblical prophecies playing itself out to its final armageddon outcome. Also made me want to train up more on my self-defence fighting skills but usually the best defense is to run or diffuse the situation and avoid getting hurt.

Wish I took a picture of that mad person or took down his car plate number and report him to the police. That would really prevent him from doing such road rage in the future. Unfortunately I was rather not keen to come out from my car and face an unstable mind.

One of my facebook friends mentioned that, he notice most guys with cars that have the "baby on board" decal or car sticker are the ones that drive like mad person. As though having that "baby on board" sign gives them the license to drive recklessly and the right to vent their road rage on other road users. Sigh! Such is the violent world today.

Baby Play Time

Sometimes you just need something simple for baby play time. No need to spend a mini sum on expensive toys to entertain your baby although you may still want to buy some colourful toys to attract baby attention. Sometimes simple items will suffice. All you need is a good dose of creativity and imagination.

My 4 month old son likes to be kept entertained and usually that meant carrying him around sitting front face forward. And this is one carrying position that is very tiring on my arms.

So if I got the chance to do some other way to distract baby and still allows for cognitive development without carrying him around I would do so.

Laying him on the bed I thought I just the nappy cloth for some peekaboo game. Raising the cloth and hiding my face behind it and then lowering it to reveal my face makes for an interesting game to play with baby. Sometimes I will brush the nappy cloth just barely touching baby body and face to provide a gentle feeling for touch sensitivity and light breeze all done to improve baby sense of touch and mental ability.

Such a simple game and yet inexpensive and with so many benefit. Baby just laughs and giggles with glee. Ah, the sound of laughter is simply priceless!