Maxis 100MB data plan

Just checked my recent Maxis bill and found out the internet data usage was rather exorbitant. Apparently Maxis has changed the billing block to RM0.10 per 10kb block rather than the 1¢ per 1kb. That means even this simple blog post of about 1kb will count as a 10kb block and Maxis will bill it as 10¢ rather than 1¢. No fair.
Maxis LogoSo now they have a new simple data plan which allows for 100MB of data per month for RM18/month. Doesn't sounds like much but should be adequate to cover the simple data usage.
I'm basically using my mobile for email and blogging. Not so much for surfing. The small screen of the PDA is just too teensy-weenie to do any serious browsing.
Also to note that this Maxis 100MB data plan is added in addition to any value plan that you have. But I believe I can get cost savings. So going to give this Maxis 100MB data plan a try!

[update 27/12/2012]
Wow! It's been so long since I signed up for data plan for my maxis mobile number. Initially I started with this 100MB plan at RM18/month. It was enough as a starter for my Sony Ericsson X10 mini pro figuring that I would switch it on when needed and swap over to WIFI when in office or at home.
Using this plan is also good if you have a cranky old Sony Ericsson phone which would connect to internet for no reason and there was no way to turn off the data access. Better to pay RM18 than saddled with a RM250 bill! Fortunately nowadays Maxis cap the data usage bill to RM250 max otherwise you may end up paying thousands!
Anyway since I started using data, I have changed mobile phone from Sony to HTC and now to my Nokia Lumia. My data usage was also increasing as I have decided to leave my data connection always on.
For just emails with occasional Whatsapp, Facebooking and Twittering, 500MB at RM38/month would be just enough. But my recent Nokia Lumia Windows Phone, I decided to use more apps as well as Internet sharing to another second spare mobile phone and thus more data was required. Thus I have now up it to 1GB data at RM48 per month. In addition, Maxis has decided not to charge for the extra data usage if one were to exceed the 1GB data plan, (this was not applicable to the lower data usage plan) so it was good to upgrade to this 1GB plan. If data usage were to be exceeded, Maxis would just throttle your speed under the FUP (fair use policy), so I figure this would be the best option for an always on data connection.
Of course the difference between the 100MB vs 1GB at RM18 vs RM48 is quite a lot, but it takes less work to ensure you don't exceed the data usage allotment and being charged on a per kilobyte basis.

HTC Wildfire hangs

HTC Wildfire
The HTC Wildfire hangs! Waitaminute! Android PDA shouldn't be like that. In fact it is one of the stabler platform in comparison with Windows Mobile and Symbian.

My wife was in a hurry to silent the HTC Wildfire for her presentation to her customers. Don't know what she pressed which caused the HTC Wildfire to freeze up like that. She didn't noticed it and the phone flatlined from battery drain.

Now she have to recharge the battery and just to reset the HTC, I instructed her to take out the battery for ten seconds before reinserting it again.

Hmmm... Will have to look see what in the world that she did to make the HTC Wildfire to hang.

Plantar Fascitis acting up again

Ouch! That's how it feels when my plantar fascitis acts up, pulling on my foot sole ligament. The pain was sharp but not a super pain but enough to disable my running and made me walk in a limp. The pain shoots in when I bend my foot. And it came at a time when I was planning for my weekly exercise.

Tried to warm up with stretches but it was still bothering me until I place a metatarsal support into my shoe did the pain goes away.

That meant my foot insole is rather worn out. But I think I can still salvage it. Mind you the foot insole wasn't cheap eventhough it was off the shelf range. With a bit of ingenuity I think I can continue using my foot insole and still prevent any pain from my plantar fascitis condition.

That's the problem with flatfoot people like me. Took me a lont time to recover from plantar fascitis condition and now it just bugs me every now and then.

HTC Wildfire

I guest this HTC Wildfire lower cost Android enabled phone means cutting out on extras. For one, the display is not so sharp with a slight blur from lack of fineness. In fact is less sharp than my Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini.

But as far as thier function goes, the HTC Wildfire still runs pretty smooth with its lower spec and lesser onboard memory.

running on Android version 2.1 it has a very good contacts integration between the onboard contacts (which HTC calls it as People), your Gmail contacts, Facebook, Twitter and a few more other social websites. Might be good if they could have included LinkedIn too.

The HTC Wildfire 5MP camera photo resolution was rather poor too and not able to handle macro shots at all with very noticeable pixelation on the colour graduation.

Hmmm... if you are on a budget or not willing to spend on mobile devices it would be a wise entry level choice to a PDA mobile phone. After all mobile do breakdown in a year or two of usage. They are not meant to last. But if you are loaded, you be better off buying a better pricier model than HTC Wildfire.

Phew! Busy weekend

Phew! Such a busy weekend! Before you know it, it's over and next day it is back to the grind.

now it is off to a chinese restaurant for the weekly family dinner.

HTC Wildfire

So now is Lena's turn to go for Android enabled mobile phone. So I went and got her the HTC Wildfire which seems to be rather popular. At a nice price of RM1100 I should think so to given that it was sold out at the PDA gadget shop even at a higher price of RM1199.

HTC WildfireIt's bigger screen than my Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini meant that the display is easier to read and of course easier to type. Plus it has a bigger battery capacity at 1300mAh but I doubt it will much more longer due to a bigger display screen. Will have give a spin after charging it up and see.

It's about time her pink coloured Nokia phone was replaced as the Nokia phone was dying plus her HP iPaq was getting rather dated. I'm sure she extracted more than its full lifespan!

Now just waiting for the HTC Wildfire to be fully charged before exploring it further!

Stuck in office again coz of rain

schucks! looks like I will have to wait itn out coz of heavy rain. but these ramadhan stall sure are working hard come rain or shine!

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