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And so it is

And so it is,
sleep beckons and the morrow,
work awaits.

No end to the grind,
for the earth does not yield its harvest willingly

Toil it shall be
wither pleasure be
for the rewards that trickles in

Pray then that fortune comes
but heaven remains silent
for what are we
but mere gnats on the earth

It was once said either you love Thee or mammon
but without the flow of coins
Insolvency ensues

Thus what are we to do?
Seek ye first the kingdom of God,
And all things will be added on to you?

Then why is it not ocurring
That toil cannot bring forth the fortune
For the smooth flow of liquidity?

Why quote Malachi
when it is followed
and yet holes are still found?

So where is the abundance
promised but unseen
for I grow weary of uninspiring toil

To wonder why blessings withheld
For my toil ends up on undeserving charity
Such is my bane that boon eludes me

Enough of sorrows
For tomorrow awaits
For hope and faith be the key to unlocking the floodgates

Bread shop don't know how to do business

Sometime you wonder how this people can survive. This morning I didn't have my usual breakfast as the night I was so busy didn't get a chance to buy bread. I thought I could pop over at King's confectionary near my office to get some breaky.

Hard luck. The moment I stepped in I saw their bread shelf was empty. I recall my many previous attempts to get last minute breakfast was thwarted by people in this branch who is not keen to cater for the morning office people going to work who is looking for a quick breakfast.

Baby is exploring

Baby is about 6 weeks old and he is beginning to like looking at things. According to baby centre this is the time they are more aware of their surrounding. So to stimulate them we need to play with them.

I find that he likes to stare at lights and likes to be carried around to explore the house. My mom-in-law has other ideas about carrying the baby around in that it might spoil him.

I guess we have a difference in oppinion. In order to stimulate baby I need to carry him around to explore new sights, sounds and smell. So baby will start exploring since he is without mobility the parents will have to his legs for now.

Indonesian Massage

My wife found an Indonesian massage. This lady is good and very affordable and was recommended by friend. After my wife delivered she needed to get back into shape and the use of massage to get her tummy flat was one of the methods.

Since the Indonesian massage was already here may as well employ her services for some massage for me too. I liked this style over that of Thai massage becausethe traditional Indonesian massage goes for ligaments and lymph. Breaking up the crystal blockages of the lymph nodes and ligaments may be very painful however it is most effective. it's something like the chi version of the massage but less severe.

By clearing the blockages your blood will flow better contributing to a faster recovery to your ailment.

In fact whenever she feels lumps (which you would feel it too) whenever she presses on certain parts of to your body she knows you have a certain problem affected by your job or daily routine.

Those lumps are considered blockages in your body and further session will reduce the lumps and that would result in your recovery.

Sure, now my body and my legs are aching from the Indonesian massage session but it feels good because she has cleared the blockages. Good massage are like that. Lousy massage cause your more pain and soreness because they injured your body but a good massage although your body is aching you are actually recovering from your ailment.

That's why I like this Indonesian massage

SM Confucian Alumni 104th Anniversary

The 104th Anniversary SM Confucian alumni dinner was a good way to catch up with old friends. Though my memory was a rather fuzzy as some I could recognize their faces but couldn't recall their names. Year of 1986 was some 24 years ago. Faces still looked the same except of course body shape might change, basically still can recognize their faces. Still it was good to meet up again. I guess that's our little legacy. For we leave behind memories of years past and forge ahead into the future.

Baby 1st day home

Mother and child has been staying at USJ house for the pass 40 days or so. Since we got a temporary maid may as well make use of her services and clean up the house in BU. Mother wants to see what things she will need for baby and well baby will tag along. It will be good to stimulate baby with new sights, sound and smell.

It's been many weeks since my last clean up of the house though it was a short few hours, the maid managed to clean up the main places.

And baby has a good time in the house looking at the house. So I gave the baby a quick tour of the house. He really liked the place and was very happy taking in all the new sights, sounds and smell. Good to stimulate the baby development as now is the time to do such things.

Running around trying to get it done

Busy! That's how it goes. Time passes quickly when you have many things to do. All have to be done, no point procrastinating about it. The problem is to find the time to squeeze in the job to be done. I could try to prioritize and make list; done that before but don't quite work as it should. At least it gives a sense of direction on what needs to be done.

Hopefully all this running around will end up productive and get that end result which is a done deal and get some income out from it. With the inflation going up and the government taking away the subsidy, the man in the street is going face tougher challenges ahead to put food on the table.