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iPhone 4 package from Maxis is just way too popular

iPhone 4 package from Maxis is just way too popular. My boss and my brother both also wanted to get an iPhone 4. The package from Maxis is quite good. Just pay RM1390 and sign up for iValue 1 plan for 24 months and you can an iPhone 4. The deal is pretty good. The iValue 1 plan requires a commitment of RM100 per month which include data charges as well as calls.

My boss made a study between the iPhone 4 plan in Singapore vs Malaysia determined that the Malaysian deal was much better. Besides, we already have an existing account with Maxis, so just need to change his line to the iValue 1 plan. The RM100 calls and data usage commitment amount can be easily achieve and very likely to be exceeded based on the current billing. Just that once his line is converted, we will lose out on the call sharing plan. Which means for the rest of us staff whose usage is below the committed amount it does not auto balance to his heavier usage. Looks like I just have to downgrade our current usage commitment further, perhaps to the RM30 usage plan. Yes, our usage is really low! 'Coz boss don't allow us to call suppliers using IDD, keep every conversation short or use email only. Ugh! How to work-lah?

Meanwhile, the iPhone 4 is such a hot item all the Maxis centres now do not have stock of iPhone 4 at all! Today I tried the TTDI Maxis centre and there was a large crowd of people queue to sign up for the iPhone 4 package despite having no stock of iPhone 4! For company line though, even if there is no iPhone 4 available we could just sign up first and placed on waiting list. Unfortunately to even sign up like this I have to be stuck in the queue! I decided to give up for the time being as I have other fish to fry.

I think iPhone 4 is just a crazy fad right now. Personally having given my wife's iPhone 4 a spin, I didn't really like the feature as much as Android. In order to download any app whether free or otherwise, you will need to provide a credit card number to the iPhone store even if it is free or trial / shareware program. Now doesn't that sucks?

Anyway, I review the iPhone 4 later. As of now, I'll just go for a San Francisco Coffee Latte with the free voucher my wife passed me. Then head back to office to catch up with work. Better spend my time to do something productive than to waste time on the queue to get a Maxis iPhone 4 that is not available.

[update 27/12/2012]

Selecting a better Maxis Plan

How time flies! The iPhone 4 contract was about to be due. Along the way I learned that the iPhone value plan was no good. If you have several supplementary family plus lines or using Value Plus plan for company line, the unused portion from the committed balance are not shared. ie if you have low phone usage user, the unused portion of the committed Value Plus could not be shared and vice versa.

Anyway the 2 years contract period would be over soon and I have done a study on the charges and values. The best now was to swap over the useless iPhone plan back to the Value Plus 50 or 80, and switch to 1GB data (now without having to worry about over quota as they would cap it under FUP (fair use policy) so no data charges if over quota).

Whenever you have supplementary lines and you have users that are low usage and high usage, using the Maxis Value Plus or Family Plus package plans are the best way to ensure optimum usage of mobile phone billing.

Iphone defective!

Hardly a month and the iPhone my wife got was defective! As I've said before the defect rate of digital appliance are anywhere between 5 to 10% and that's pretty high. It means one out of ten devices you bought will be defective within your warranty period.

The iPhone my wife is using is now in full silent mode! I believe the frontal speaker has kaput.

Now she would need to return to maxis to claim warranty. I wonder how long before she will get her iPhone returned. Before submitting her defective iPhone set she would need to do a memory wipe as there are many rather sensitive and private information. It would be best to reset iPhone before passing for repair.

Oh, well just one of those days. Murphy's Law at work again.

Microsoft Windows Phone 7

Although I've owned a couple of devices made by Microsoft, so far my experience with these portable device from Microsoft has not been good. Now Microsoft Windows Phone 7 is the updated version of the Windows Mobile Operating System platform which was an update from Microsoft Pocket PC which was an update from Windows CE. And my first encounter with Windows CE way back then wasn't really great and the shortlive smartphone I had with O2 mobile phone running on Windows Mobile just didn't cut it either.

Just because you have been living and working with a desktop or laptop with a Microsoft Windows interface didn't mean you should do the same with a portable mobile device. It just ain't the same. Heck, the way Microsoft Phone work is rather clunky in comparison with other mobile phone O/S
platform is just way suck.

So I doubt the rebranded Microsoft Windows Phone 7 and repackaged mobile won't do much to entice me to get one or recommend it to anyone real soon. In fact it shall be contrary.

The way the software works by segregating the memory between apps and data makes for memory bloat. Not to mention software bloat as well. In order to run the bloat, a powerful CPU and higher memory is required to run Windows based mobile phone. Making a phone look so nice is really a CPU killer.

I noticed other platform like Symbian, Palm and now Android phones, do not require as much heavy duty hardware to run as compared with Windows Phone 7.

And of course, to make a mobile phone to be really useful is the availability of software apps. With the free to low cost software available for Palm and Android phones makes these phones very attractive indeed.

So I guess in the end Microsoft Windows Phone 7 is going to have a very hard time trying to regain back their market share. Besides Microsoft has botched their marketing and development. Take for instance their failed Microsoft Kin mobile phone aiming at the youth market which took them 2 years to develop and after launching and selling it for 48 days, they pulled the plug on it. Granted they got lots of mullahs, but no company can botch up their marketing so many times and there is repercussion on so many failed attempts that you may just avoid buying their items in case of failed products that would not have as much support from the market such as 3rd party apps and that would mean wasting your hard earn money.

Blogger Droid not so good idea

Blogger LogoSwitching over from my Palm Centro phone to my Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Android phone, I found a little nifty software called Blogger Droid by Anders Hedström from the Android Market. I thought it was great to do some mobile blogging on the go but turn out using this piece of software wasn't as great as I thought it would.

Motorola Droid 2 with keyboard, front view.Although it has some nice function like shrinking the mobile photos before you post it up thereby saving you some precious data charges especially since I signed up the minimum Maxis 100MB data plan you can't just go blasting away as though you got a lot of data transfer.

However this software is still very buggy and found out that I lost 3 set of posts when I tried to do some mobile blogging. Initially when I tried Blogger Droid it was pretty ok, save for the irritating ads which took up a fair bit of display asset on my Sony Ericcson Xperia X10 mini pro Android phone. I thought I just bear with the advertisement if it could serve my mobile blogging needs.

But the lost posts was really frustrating and wasting my time composing anything that got lost along the way. It should save a copy in the Android Phone memory so that even if it was not able to post successfully it should still keep a copy in the Android phone memory. It only kept the draft copy, and after you have made a post it erases the stored memory. So the potential for lost post after an unsuccessful post is very high. This gets the thumbs down from me for this Android application. I decided to find another alternative way of posting blogs on the go and found way finally!

By using an image shrinking software to resize my photos, and using the Android phone's Gmail I could actually post my blogs. Pretty much how I did it with my Palm Centro. So looks like bye-bye sayonara to Blogger Droid app.

Pros about Blogger Droid:
- ability to shrink photos for posting
- review your previous posts
Cons about Blogger Droid:
- advertisement gets in the way
- biggest drawback is losing post when posting was unsuccessful, thus wasting your time and effort. This shouldn't have happened but it made me find a better way for mobile posting on the go.

The version that caused it was Blogger Droid version 1.59, perhaps version 1.60 may have solved the issue but this is a case of once bitten twice shy.

Xperia X10 Android 2.1 Update coming soon

My current Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini Pro is running on Android phone version 1.6. Heard about the update/upgrade to Android phone version 2.1 will be released on week 38 or end of Q3. Somewhat earlier than the Q4 released mentioned.

Quick search found the SE blog about the upcoming release for Xperia X10 not just for the X10, but for the entire X10 series, the X10 mini pro and X10 mini.

Ran through the Sony Ericsson website and it seems I can upgrade the X10 Android phone software by ourselves instead of handing it over to the SE service center. If so that would save time but I wonder what are the caveats of doing my own software upgrade?

Twitter for Palm - MoTwit

Can't have enough of Twittering? Own a Palm mobile phone like Centro, Treo or something like that? Then give this freeware app a try! It's call MoTwit (formerly known as TreoTwit). Useful for those who own a Palm mobile phone and wanted to twit using mobile phone but not residing in US, UK, India or Sweden. Actually you can SMS but the cost would be very expensive since it will become an international text message. So use MoTwit instead which uses 3G/GPRS/EDGE service. Would save you a bundle and still have the ability to Twit!


Welcome to My Blog

This is my first personal blog. Hopefully more will be published as days go by. Right now I am at a loss as to what to type in. But writer's block does not apply to blogging, right?

I was setting up my Cameron Highlands website, but it takes time to come up with content. Well hopefully I can complete my project and something will come out from my endeavor.

I think the present modern day is rather exciting with all the new gadgets and technical wizadry. I have seen the pace of advancement is rather amazing! I myself owned a few of these gadgets, PDA, handphones, digital cameras, and it does certainly makes life rather interesting! Incredibly I still have my old HP 320LX handheld PC and it still functions. But its speed is so slow, using this ancient device is more like nostalgia.

Until I have something more interesting to write, au revoir!