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My RAID Shadow Legend Video Recap

RAID Shadow Legend is celebrating their 4th anniversary and they made a video recap of my game progress so far. It has been a long grind and I think my overall stats are not too bad. It has not been easy to push the champion stats to a higher level and whack those dungeon bosses and arena PVP.

I started playing it way back around Dec 2019 and stopped for a year in 2020, and restarted it again in Oct 2021. And have not stopped playing, although I’m reconsidering it. Just don’t want to let go of those high specs and good champions at this moment. As a free to play gamer, the grinding process is really tough. However looking at the resource offering prices, it just doesn’t seem like a good exchange value. Besides, my country's current exchange rate is highly unfavorable for spending. Sorry dear Plarium developers for not putting any coins in your coffers. Thanks for the beautiful graphics and something challenging to do!

As I have mentioned in some previous blog, this game is like an old western gunslinger quick draw duel. Speed is one of the most important stats to get your hands on. So the overall strategy in my case for the RAID Shadow Legend game is to get my champions’ speed as fast as it could go. So far my top speed champion is at 253. With most averaging between speeds of 180 to 220. Coupled with some understanding of what is needed for the rest of the stats, I could make a go at the various challenges.

Overheard in a chat group, one guy made a champion with a speed of 320 with many of his good ones averaging at speeds of 280! Phew! That’s really fast! Not much chance to beat those speeders.

Additionally, I also lack some most wanted champions to up my game level further. So I am kind of stuck. And the gacha system isn’t helping much, giving me a lot of duplicate epics and not to mention legendaries that appeared to be less useful. Perhaps I just didn’t know how to make use of these legendaries?

As for fragment collection events & champion fusion events, I am just no good at it. Thus not able to get my hands on those champions either. Hopefully if lady luck smiles my way, I may yet gacha it. The probability would be very slim. But I never know. After all, I did get a few interesting ones, though it is too few and too far in between.

So all the best to those who are still grinding on! Wishing me some luck too so that I may get my hands on some of those most wanted champions!


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