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The Long Grind of Playing RAID Shadow Legends

It has been a long slow grind playing this RAID Shadow Legends mobile game. I started out in October 2019. Played for a year, and then stopped for almost a year. Then restarted again in September 2021 and had been grinding through it. It has been long and hard with a lot of daily grinding to get to my current high level.

The gacha system of getting good champions is rather frustrating. Most of the time, the random spin wouldn’t get you any good champions at all. Looking at the list of heroes, I gather about 80% of their Epics and probably 50% of their Legendary are pretty much useless. Needless to say, more than 90% of the rares wouldn’t be of much use either.

The last batch of double chance didn’t yield me any Legendary. I did get lucky sometime back, but the recent run was rather bad. It is nice to catch a Legendary, and much nicer if it was a very useful one. I am still pining for a Legendary that would give me Block Damage. That would provide a good team survivability and probably bring my team to a higher level.

Looking through my collection, out of the 30 Legendaries, half of them were collected by daily logins, special giveaways or daily collecting of fragments (which could take up to 3 to 4 months!). Fragment and Fusion events were way too difficult to do. So I don’t get anything from those events at all.

My RAID Shadow Legends Champion Collection

I would say, my RAID Shadow Legends team is at a disadvantage. But I try my best to make the most of it.

One thing about this game, Arena battles are akin to a gunslinger battle. Whoever gets to move first gets all the advantages. Looking at some of the online builds, it is crazy that many top players could get speeds ranging from 260 to 350! I don’t know how they managed it. The fastest I could muster is a 244 for my Deliana. Averagely, I get speeds of between 180 to 220. Still not too bad, but not entirely good either.

With more Legendary in my collection and some good Epics, I could push forward somewhat. Finally managed to reach the final levels for all the potion keeps. Minotaur was a pushover. I could reach the final stage for Ice Golem, Dragon’s Lair, and Spider's Den. For Fire Knight’s Castle, I need to clear two more stages. Kind of stuck here.

However the new Dungeons, Iron Twins Fortress and Sand Devil’s Necropolis, I felt the boss is way overpowered. Basically I am just stuck on stage 7 and going nowhere. I wonder if I need some specialist Champions to deal with these two bosses? Perhaps a Champion with the Block Damage skill might help. But I don’t have one, and have been rather unlucky not to have one.

I could deal a fair bit of damage in the Clan Bosses, but nowhere near like those damage dealer gamers. And totally hapless for the Hydra clan boss.

Doom Tower, finally could clear 2 out of 3 of the rotation on Normal game. The Dark Fae is kinda tough to get through. While the Hard game, nope, not strong enough at all to climb all the way up.

As for the Faction Wars, I really need good champions for each faction. That is going to take a long time! With the gacha system against you, I probably won’t be able to get good champions to overcome all of the factions!

Having already grinded through for about 3 years, I think the numbers look rather okayish. I have quite a collection of champions from the many RAID Shadow Legends. I could probably slow down on the game or just retire from the game altogether and look for greener pastures elsewhere.

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