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How to Prevent Extra Draft Copies in eMClient in Gmail

eM Client is good alternative to the bloated Microsoft Office Outlook. I found it to be very stable and faster and worked seamlessly with Google G Suite Gmail. Plus it has a similar look and feel of Office Outlook making it easier for my colleague to migrate to eMClient. Thus I introduce it to my colleagues and asked them to move over to this email client instead. This helped to reduce my troubleshooting time needed to fix my colleague problem whenever Microsoft Outlook started to act up. 

However the recent version upgrade to the latest version, I found that extra draft copies started to pile up in the Gmail draft folders. It was quite annoying and I have to daily log in online to draft folder to discard the extra draft copies. Checking online, it seemed quite a fair number of people were experiencing it too. And the eM Client support did not have any solution. Browsing an online forum someone mentioned about the settings for saving drafts copy but did not elaborate. 

After a quick digging around the settings, I managed to prevent extra draft copies from appearing in the Gmail draft folder. So for the sake of others who may be experiencing this annoyance and wanted to get rid of it, here's how to go about doing it.
Preventing eMClient creating extra draft copies in Gmail

1) Goto Menu 
2) Then Settings 
3) In the Mail section 
4) Goto Compose 
5) Uncheck the "Automatically save emails to draft every [x] minutes" 
6) Press "Ok" to accept the new settings and exit 

This should fix the issue of eM Client creating extra draft copies from appearing in the Google Gmail draft folders. 


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