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Fixing Pokemon installation and Failed to Detect Location problems

So the Pokemon go crazed is sweeping over the world! And here is no different when the app was launched recently. However trying to get it to work was another matter. This new type of augmented reality games required quite an advance mobile phone in order to work. Although it the Pokemon website it said it need minimum Android version 4.4, the Google Play store didn't allowed me to install into my Samsung Note 2. I did finally found a way to overcome it.

Pokemon Go GPS is working!

Fortunately I have a few Android phone. My super low spec Lenovo A316i couldn't cut it. It was a cheap phone, but it has very low power consumption and good for emergencies. My higher end though ageing Samsung Note II, though met the spec requirement, the Android Play Store wouldn't allowed me to install. Leaving me with my Samsung Mega 2 which was fairly new having got it last year.

With all the hype and craze over this game, I wanted to give it try. Sure there were some spiritual concern from the Church, and if you go read up about, sure was scary. Anyway, that's another story. For now, how do you install on your mobile which you know it is within the requirement specified by Niantic?

How to install Pokemon in Samsung Note 2 and other mobiles

If your Samsung Note 2 or similar Android phones that is within the specs of the game, but play store don't allow you to install it. Here's I went about doing it. You will need another phone that can download and install the Pokemon go app. You could borrow your friend's mobile phone just for this instance. I know there websites that posted the Pokemon go app, but I would rather not download from those unapproved sites as you never know the app may have been hacked and installed with malware or trojan. Best to use a second mobile that can install the app from the Play Store.

Here are the steps:
1) Download the Pokemon go app on the mobile that could
2) Use an app saver which you can find in Google Play store and save the app
3) Transfer the app over to your Samsung Note 2 or other Android phone
4) Goto settings, in the security settings, tick and allow "unknown sources" to allow installation of apps from sources other than the Play Store.
5) Find the apk app that you transferred to your mobile and tap it to install it.

If your phone is within specification, you should be able to start the game. After setting up your player, you may get another problem.

How to fix the "Failed to Detect Location" in Pokemon go game

Initially I though my phone GPS chip was on the fritz. The location icon was blinking and GPS signal was blinking in and out. But I had no problem using WAZE and other app requiring a GPS fix. Worst, with Pokemon Go installed, it caused my other apps that required GPS to lag catching on the GPS signal. Some blogs mentioned about tapping the screen many times to overcome the issue. It didn't work, and it was like using a hammer to whack the TV in the old days of CRT type TVs! Repair procedure no. 1 as they called it! Nope, it didn't work.

Granted that if you are in an enclosed building, basement, or indoors, the GPS signal would be weak. And you should go outdoors to get a better signal. But even after doing so, it still shows the dreaded "Failed to Detect Location" message, try the following steps:

1) Go to settings and enter the "Developer options" settings
Note: if you can't find "Developer options" in your settings, enable it by tapping the "Build Number" in the "About Device" page several times until the "Developer options" shows up
2) In the "Developer options", turn off (untick) the "Allow mock locations"
3) Before restarting the game, you may want to clear the RAM by using a task killer first, otherwise you will have the same message displayed. If you don't have task killer or don't want to install an app for it, you could try rebooting your phone to clear the RAM memory.
4) Run the Pokemon Go game

If the dreaded red color bar message didn't show up on your Pokemon game, pat yourself on the back! Wait awhile for the Pokestops to populate your screen. And finally you are ready to catch some monsters and replenish your gear!

Oh, here's another final solution if still having that bad message:

1) In settings, find the option named Location or Privacy and Safety, tap on it to turn it on.
2) Mode: set to high accuracy

And of course go outdoors or at the very least, to your building or house window to catch a better GPS signal.

Ok, time to catch some Pokemon!


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